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JB is probably pissed off at himself for allowing that to happen...that throws you off and you loose you joujou

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too many Cardinals fans down in So Cal?? ...that was a great game!

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since 1976, I not so patiently wait for my mailman to deliver my monthly MXA ...still can't believe I eagerly await this so much...another thing kids someday may not get to experience but I hope that day never comes. That said I've had subs to many others, ... more »

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NICE! how many weeks can he keep this rolling??

Added reply in a thread we ALL just got robbed. 1/10/2016 11:02 AM

what a difference ONE second can make; if Stewart were ahead by 1 second he could have won and RD could have been in the cheap seats! ...BAD luck and bounce for James, hope he's OK to come back soon

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alot of things to the poster seem funny/cool/whatever but just do not read too good in a forum or e-mail

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who's winning

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At least its a warm rain! Would you guys in the mountains please send us some old Ski-Doo wants to get out of the barn

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US Festival!...was there, done that! Good times. Any of you guys go to that one?

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First two very cool. Last one here obviously a horror show. Just curious if UAE is doing anything to remedy the situation??

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anybody on here ever ride the 700 MX'r? seems that would be a (scary) hoot!

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Hillary is going to kill us all. Wake up America, its time for Trump! (yes, you can use my slogan)

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EXACTLY ! I've tried to reason with a couple people using this very same theory and it went right over their heads... Maybe Al Gore can invent a big huge scrubber to clean up them volcano emissions.

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Awesome. Every one!

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MOST Excellent Foghorn! I sit here drinkin my Labatts.

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I watched a grainy video a few weeks back of the plane going down, should I doubt its authenticity? I mean I saw it on the net! The filmer apparently would have known the flight schedule and all... (being faceitious)

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I just love the MXA test on this years SUZ450 in the shootout. I'm curious if the SUZ loyalists think its a fair assessment? That said, can't wait to see their new 450 next year.

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OH yeah, I recall wearing a Gold Belt back in the day. Back before these sissy "safety seat" designs came out. Matter of fact the first year I rode I would dig my cup out of my hockey bag and wear it. Ever do a Flying W and have your balls slap a metal ... more »