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Not that it would be easy or even possible, How about swap dates of Washougal & Thunder Valley...?

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ANY slip on works too

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For Kenny to look any better, he would have to be on a Zundapp 125 MX.

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Bullworker and 24 oz curls...

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easy answer is they placed red plastics on the ol' squiduki; Kenny's on fire...

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I had one of those..great bike! enjoy.

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huh, just saw Lester "Lefty" Holt on the nightly news show the putt! ..practice for the Ryder Cup..whatever that is...

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Hope JA is OK! ...from now on place the finish line in the middle of a gnarly whoop section so it least you can see whats happening ahead of you!

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Did I hear this correctly?

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Eli Webb JA

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Good luck to all, hope its all good racing...and USA is on top of the podium again!
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I'll bet Trey will really jell well w/KTM and we're gonna see him kickin butt in no time. Cleanest/classiest split I recall; good on you Trey!

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Yes, Crawfordsville definitely had one but not heard if near the track or not. Lots of touch downs all the way dang near to Toledo...word was a funnel was spotted couple miles from my place and now more boomers are headed in.

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cool shots!

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Could you tell us how tall you are and what you think about the ergos? SWEET bike...this could be my upgrade from '13 250SX... Thx

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down the slippery slope of lameness!

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another sweet Yammy is the XSR900...anybody have one/try one out yet?

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GREAT info/history Coyote, I appreciate it, did not get much MX news in the early 70's in NE MN....

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Hey Tony, my first KTM was also a 97 360SX; great bike! Went to Honda 450 in 2012 for one year, thats it. 250SX since. Before the KTM I think I had nearly 7 diffent brands...

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Yes Sir, You just nay...nayyyy....nail-nailed it!

(remember TAXI guys?) Most of you guys are PUPS! quick snivelling! ...55 and still able to ride at a decent pace, looks like weather has finally broke here and planin' on the first real ride ... more ยป