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I did try 108 and it felt really choppered out and front end traction felt light so I went to 105. I’ll also try going back to stock and messing with hsc. Thanks everyone for the ideas of what to try

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Agreed on the shit happens. People drive cars every single day, that is a lot of practice and experience, but we still die doing it all the time.

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I'd like to see Max Anstie make something happen. He was looking great in outdoors.

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I did tear apart and grease the linkage right after I bought the bike so hopefully that part is ok. I'll try to go a few clicks softer on compression dampening and see how that does. Thanks for the input!

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This is a new bike. 7 hours on it.

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Can't seem to get my shock to feel quite right when seat bouncing. I had a kx250f with stock shock just sprung for my weight and only ever messed with compression and it never kicked. Now I have an rmz250, stock shock again and sprung for my weight and ... more »

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Since you aren't a huge fan of sim games, MX vs ATV Reflex is a great choice. More arcade feeling but super good physics and if you get for PC there are a ton of mods and skins for bikes and riding gear.

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I believe the idea is to diffuse air through the plate instead of it being a big flat wall. That way the air can follow tighter to the bike and allow some sort of extra air flow to rads, engine, etc. instead of splitting around it when it hits the plate. ... more »

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Best practice is to consult with your doctor. Take it slow. You only get one brain.

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Every person is different. I have had 4 and each one was a little different. Each time I had a real hard time with natural sunlight, even with sunglasses, and was very tired and lots of tension type headaches. I think probably the quickest turn around ... more »

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Shrouds aren't close. Front end is easy. Rear fender and plates could maybe be rigged to work if you aren't too picky on body lines matching up. But seeing you are trying to do the restyle I don't think you'd have much luck. Could probably be heated, ... more »

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I have no idea if this is applicable in this instance but I know when we used to get cracks in fiberglass car bumpers we would drill like an 1/8 hole at the end of the crack to keep it from spreading further. Then lay in either stranded fiberglass or ... more »

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I typically go for lots of lube and the motion pro rim savers. Tape works well too though.

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Looking to buy a 1989-1992 Suzuki RM125 FMF silencer.

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Didn't JGR say they are good for 2021? Pretty sure they stated they are staying with Suzuki and have received a new title sponsor. No information on who that sponsor is yet though.

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Is this the same as the 1991? I believe there is a set on ebay for a 1991 that has the power valves and everything. Kind of pricey I believe though if I remember right

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No quick fixing that sounds like. Better pull it apart and start investigating.

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Check out HP Race Development vids on youtube. Guy has his own dyno and takes an rmz250 and does a lot of back to back testing with parts and compares it to actual dyno runs from the other brands he has had on his dyno. Same dyno, same guy interpreting ... more »

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Can't find a used one in my area. Haven't seen an aluminum frame one for a few months for sale. That's why I started looking into new.

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What are prices you guys are seeing/ paying on 2020 yz125s OTD. My local dealer has one for $6599 OTD. Didn't know if that was pretty normal or are others seeing something different.

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