Started new thread ISO Current Gen RMZ Complete Seat 5/21/2021 10:46 AM

Does anyone have a complete seat for a current gen RMZ. Would like to put a bump in one and keep my stock one too.

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I have never pulled a whole engine for simply a top end rebuild.

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I would second the TLD gear. Never ripped a set of TLD pants strictly from wear only if caught on something. Seven gear I have had the worst luck with. Comfortable and great looking but just haven't ever held up well for me.

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I'd vote for the 125/150 idea also. I'm 200lbs with full gear and in the fast novice/slow intermediate range and a 250cc 2 stroke is too much power for me to have fun on. I have way more fun pushing a 125cc around. Super good tool for improving carrying ... more »

Started new thread Lowering Links? 5/19/2021 6:46 AM

What's you thoughts on lowering links? I have a 2019 rmz250 and I am 5'9" tall. I have the front and rear suspension set up pretty well for my comfort level now and running 105mm sag. The bike still feels a bit to tall for my liking. I had a kx250f before ... more »

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One upside to a factory edition is that you then can have a titanium pipe plus whatever other goodies they come with off the showroom floor and still be legal to compete in the 250 or 450 limited class at Loretta's

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I'd like to see this in print, or at least have there be an accompanying transcript. Video is a heavy lift in many situations. Not everyone has the time, privacy, quiet, bandwidth, or device capability for video at all times. I hate seeing something like this and thinking, "I'll have to circle back...more

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DeWalt 20v leaf blower is how we do ours at the track so they don't leave puddles in the hauler.

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Pretty sure Drake rode a few rounds of sx.

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Will do. Actually just bought a leak down tester so I will put it on its maiden voyage and report back. Thanks

Started new thread 2006 crf250r no start. Any ideas? 5/12/2021 11:40 AM

Working on a 2006 CRF250R that needed valves shimmed. Shimmed intake and exhaust to spec in manual and timed and wouldn't even get a pop. Checked spark and had very random spark. Rechecked timing and was good. Checked ohm readings on stator and was found ... more »

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Happen to have a link to the eBay kit you bought?

Started new thread Honda CR125 head. New 5/11/2021 6:59 AM

Brand new, never installed. Bought and then got a deal from Bud Racing on one of there heads. Says KZ4S. Can’t remember if this was for an 01 or an 03. Someone else probably knows more. $50 plus shipping.

... more »

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Ya agreed, 5psi of air wont do a thing. Mine I preheated, put in 30 psi, then heated. Watched the gauge and stopped when the gauge got to 60 psi. Very little evidence of a dent ever being there, and that was on a seam.

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I do fork seals and rebuilds for guys regularly but have always told them to go to a shop to refill the nitrogen on the shock. I have a cylinder already. Good to know Race Tech has a unit to purchase. Sounds like a lot of guys say it can be a pretty ... more »

Started new thread Nitrogen Shock Fill 5/10/2021 11:07 AM

Does anyone here refill there own shocks after rebuild or take them to a shop?

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I put a 100 Pirelli on a 2.15 rim not that long ago for a guy. Went on fine. 110 90 would be fine too

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I used to ride nearly every day of the week and race on weekends. Then I had a kid, 15 months later had a second. I ride maybe twice a month and race one local fairground race a year. Having and raising kids is the single best thing I've every experienced. ... more »

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Do people actually watch these videos? Go back to print.

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As stated before, only the Austrian bikes use air. Japanese bikes are all back to coil spring. I have used both and would say I much prefer the feel of a coil spring fork, although I wouldn't call the air forks bad. Just different feeling, especially ... more »