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I hear you Hman. TBS took a path much different than I ever would. Let's face it, motorcycles have always and will always have an association with outlaws. If not because we know it, on a subconscious level, I think most of us share a rebellious nature ... more »

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I looked. I had taken a few that day. I found one of us stopped on a gravely dirt road straightening out a shift lever that got bent when a guy went down trying to drift a turn. It's kinda boring. I can't find the others I like of us in the sand wash ... more »

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Yep. You know the place! I swear the story is 100% true. As noted by a few in this thread, TBS is an animal. Not trying to add to the legend (TBS doesn't need it) but after starting at Billy Jacks in Dewey and stopping every 30 min for a "cold one", ... more »

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Truth can be stranger than fiction. In this case it was as strange as it can be. I took this picture and texted it to my wife right before we took off for the ride. I told her send the police here if I don't come home by sundown...

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I really appreciate that. I grew up on Jody, Mr. Know it all and Super Hunky Super Hunky was my fave

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Easy to write when it's true. I think the only thing that wasn't right was the population of the town - I went back and checked - it's is about 4,000 people not 1,000. Admittedly, I guessed. The story was starting to go long so I left out the part where ... more »

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I can hook you up if you ever get to Central Az...

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LOL... Yeah, thought about that. If you can read fast it will take you about 3 mns...

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1. It's not my math - it's history 2. Yes history does say Marv has better odds than the other riders. 3. Between Marv & Webb it is about attitude 4. I am going with Webb over Marv

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Haha.. yeah my memory sucks no need to argue about that. Yep, RV started in 2009 vs 2010 - just proves my point further... As far as my point goes, history is a pretty reliable look at what the future holds. Even in motocross. Forget Webb. At this point ... more »

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Outside of "the numbers" attitude is huge. Cooper was raw and honest in that interview and exemplified exactly the attitude it takes to win a Championship. So what does Webb have that the "stacked field" doesn't have outside of the odds and the right

... more »
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Oh brother.... 1. Carmichael won his first 250 Otdoor title in 2000 beating Tortelli after getting waxed by McGrath that year in SX 2. RV only made it two rounds in '09 before moving up full time to the 450 class in 2010. 3. 'Struggle" says who? You

... more »
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All I am saying is that history puts the odds on his side...

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merci beaucoup! I spent 3 months last year in France (Ardèche) and will be returning next year to do some more riding. Do you know of a place near Avignon that has them? How easy would it be to have it shipped to the US? Any chance you know of a US dealer? ... more »

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I am going for the Taco...

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Thanks! Was hoping to walk over to the Yard House across the street right after second 450 A practice for some food and a few beers. Sounds like it is do able!

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This one I race

This one is for fun This is my bike I ride when I am in France ... more »
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Yeah, the Mini Trail was my first ride and started it all, but this was my first lust so I sold the Mini Trail for a Mini Enduro... This is my Grandson. You can see the spark igniting in his eyes... He doesn't come over with out me promising him a ride.

... more »
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I doubt the guy who helped me do the resto is still around. His name was Jan Harde and he had a garage full of NOS Honda 50 parts. I got all of my stuff from him. This site is his work, but not sure he is still running it. Check the links page and email ... more »

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If you watched his podium interview and his press interview after the Vegas race, Dungey might not have said it outright, but you could hear and see it - he was basically saying "I am done" Dungey has been dropping hints for a while now - he want's to ... more »