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The KYB kit are stock components with coatings, nothing else is different. If you have your KYB components coated you saved $7000 on buying a kit.

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Closet place I know to you is Jandebeur's Motorsport Park in Tulsa. They have a couple tracks. 1 is only for small bikes with very small jumps. They prep the tracks everyday their open which is 6 days a week. The Pee Wee track is excellent for the little ... more »

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FYI, if you're shipping it by UPS. $5000 insurance is the magic number that your parcel never hits the belt, and handed off to a manager at each hub & rides up front with the driver. It's a little more for the extra insurance but they almost never ... more »

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Another vote for VP C12

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Let pain be your guide.

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If you send him the money, you'll find out pretty quick. Give it a shot, probably work out ok.

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You won't I run a 120/80-19 MX32 on my CRF250R most of the time.

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You can still get an MX51 in a 110/80-19. The MX32 is a little narrower than the old MX31 & MX52.

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Stellar job!!!

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Mine weren't made in China according to the manufacturing label in the boot. But, my iPhone was, and it works bitchin! The T10's take a couple rides to break in, then you're money.

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Pretty sure that's the case. The '14 to current 250R & '13 to current 450R use the same suspension & that's different from earlier years.

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110/80-19 is your best choice.

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Might want to email or call Enzo racing. Sometimes they have some used stuff.

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Wrong they have a lot of leverage. Their a huge customs for them. They shipped it, and they have to deal with FedEx to get it handled quickly, not the customer. The customer has all the leverage. All one has to do is call their credit card company and ... more »

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CTi custom braces takes about an hour to get measured and pictures taken. DonJoy about 10 mins, and no pictures. Kinda says it all. Get the motocross kit with the CTi braces, comes with everything you need. My insurance company paid for them in full.

... more »
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Unless you get the steering damper revalved it's worthless. Get it revalved and it's awesome. Cost you another $100 for the revalve.

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Are the brake pins the pads sit on smooth and not notched at all? Might want to clean them up a bit with a scotch brite pad, and put a little grease on them. Then see if that helps, it might.

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I believe it'll fit 2013 to current 450

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Money well spent, way better than a remap. I got mine from Tokyo Mods. I've bought them for 2 different bikes in the last 4 years.

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Until you've tried adjusting the clickers to fine time your suspension you're just wasting your money. If you've done that and it's still not to your liking, then get it revalved. Be honest with the suspension tuner about your ability, weight, skill ... more »