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Great Thread. I love those early suzukis Kind of forshadowing? Eerie?

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What! No Cannondale MX400? It might be worth something someday? Got the pic from Google.

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I found this lil' gem. Also in HD with the qualifiers!

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Just adding to your confusion: Fox Sports 1 shows it airing on Sunday morning at 3 am but it doesn't say which Atlanta race it is.

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Glad to hear your good news. Wouldn't it be great if you put a "found announcement" out and the thief responded? Maybe you were lucky enough to have someone of low intelligence and wisdom steal the bike who would respond to such an announcement. The ... more »

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I joined here this year. You have to have insurance on your bike. Lots of trails, rather rocky though. It's not too far from you (Donegal/Seven Springs area.)

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Cheapest Motorsport - Motocross? I'd have to say it's Demolition Derby. My former dirtbike friends started doing the Demo Derbies and actually brought home a couple hundred bucks every now and then instead of a plastic trophy.

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My Silver HD3+ is on it's way back to GoPro for fixing. The thing just locked up on me after a scuba dive. Wireless will let you control the camera via smartphone and let you see through the lens a bit. I'm not sure if it's in real time though. This ... more »

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There's concern over the 220 piston. A lot of people replace the stock piston because it's prone to cracking. I'm not sure sharing another website is frowned upon on this forum, but I found this site to be very helpful with my KDX200.

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I bought one of those in 1982 after I finished Seminary. Used to ride up to the homes of members of the congregation and ask if their motorcycle riding kids could "come out to play". I bought the RS 175 because it was a bit mellower than the KDX 175, ... more »

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"The times they are a chang-ing." Growing up in late fifties and early sixties, those in positions of authority were given not only the benefit of the doubt but respect. I recall, my father telling me that if I was paddled in school (yes, those things ... more »

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IMO, it was a gutsy call to eliminate the "family race". It shows Davey's heart is for the sport and not personal gain. Rita and crew made a lot of changes at Steel City the last few years as well. It must have been a difficult decision. Moving it for ... more »

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Cannondale MX400, uhhh, nevermind. :-)

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Is it me or does the guy on the left sort of look like Mike Alessi?

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My Father's, I miss him like crazy and would just want to spend time with him again.

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Personally, I open every post started by Rupert X. Very entertaining. Also DC.

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Anyone else getting a pop-up virus warning on the forum site? It's not coming from my anti-virus program. I think it's something bogus (pfishing or one of those companies that get you to click, install a program and want you to buy the product in order ... more »

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Now that's way too funny!!! I must be spending too much time on this site to understand jokes that relate to other threads. (ADynes' last post)

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Well, I know it's sort of off topic here but, hey, even C riders have dreams. I loved the story from last year's LL about the young kid competing whose old 2 stroke blew up and the Kawi. folks had parts sent next day and repaired his bike. He got his ... more »

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Hmmm, team tactics could be used on a restart of this kind to hold up another rider in the points chase. Roczen really got a great lead last night after the restart.