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Gota love AXO

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If James, while at JGR had 3 successful years and won one major title. What would JGR look like today?

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I didn't see this mentioned here yet. Apparently Bridge is an olympic sport, so they fall under the antidoping rules. It made me think of the curling team that got disqualified for being drunk. There is definitely a sordid side to some of these sports. ... more »

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Did anyone notice Barcia on the clutch prior to the start of the main. Everyone is worried about there clutch making it in the mud and he spends 20 seconds warming his up on the starting gate.

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Herlings went for the front tire in the second moto also. Dick move. He is fast enough with out the crap. Hope Tony plants him in the cheap seats

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The problem with Chads argument is in both cases; Dungey and Canard, he was totally in the wrong. It is a good thing he isn't a us citizen, he could run for office. Get caught, reframe the criticism to be about himself and move forward. With that said, ... more »

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Also, He was clearly hoping dungey would punt him so he could say 'look what he did.' Classy of dungey. With that said dungey should change up his lines more.

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Childish for sure. It also highlighted what chads issue is. In the heat he was up front for a few laps then dungey finally got buy, then marvin. Chad threw ancor. like 10seconds. In the main, same thing, he was lapped, cranked up to close to race pace ... more »

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Last time we saw Tomac going this fast he wadded it up all alone. What are the chances we see the same thing again. Just because he can go that fast doesn't mean it's smart.

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Ealier this winter there was a video of him riding possibly at canards or somewhere. People all commented on how fast he looked. However there was a small whoop section and he looked uncomfortable. Also, AC commented one time that him and his dad had ... more »

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That money would be redirected from direct rider salary and paid to feld in form of marketing money directed to large purse payouts.

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It seems to be going the direction of youthstream. Maybe feld forces the manufacturer's to pay more in exchange for increased brand marketing on TV.

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I think a way to improve the series would be putting money on the finish. I feel we are turning more and more into a show like nitro circus, instead of a hard racing series. If the promoter and factories put more money into purse someone like Dean W. ... more »

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Well yes RC maybe. But I didn't explain well. This year Tomac would get the slowest lap time of each moto for the series because he crashed out. He was riding over his head. Therefore, it is his fault he didn't compete and gets a low score. Dungey has ... more »

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I would submit that if you took an average of every lap of every moto dungey has entered as a pro, he is the fastest rider ever. You would need to include a base time for laps in in moto's where riders DNF or DNS. (maybe give them the slowest time of ... more »

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It is clear to me that RV is missing the Gp's because the 800 is coming. Mike has skipped the last supercross races to train and RV is worried. I mean RV came back to the states to work with Aldon to get ready for the attack that is Alessi. I wish RV ... more »

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Everyone has seen Rookie White jumping that huge quad at LACR. This video has disturbed me from the first time it was posted. This guy could have not only killed himself, but hurt another rider, have a track closed and possibly hurt our sport permanently. ... more »

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Hop Grower and Farmer in Oregon.

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Don't get me wrong it seems like a long suspension, however it will be very clear going ahead what will happen with infractions It will not be possible for a rider to say 'I didn't know'. Also, I clearly remember reading reports about RV2 and the level ... more »

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Did you ever think it might be JS7's Lawyers that are causing the delay?