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Realistically...Be prepared to ride a lot less. It gets more difficult to find ride time each year until the young one becomes old enough to ride themselves. Then maybe you can use it as an excuse to do more riding. My advice is to find yourself a hobby ... more »

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Shockingly, I just sold my 18 300XC after putting 90 hours on it. Mine ran perfect at Sea level with just a JD jet kit and Vforce 4. Possibly the best bike I have ever owned. It will transfer from the motocross track to any hard enduro with just a few ... more »

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Pro Taper Evos are a huge flex improvement over the stock Nekken bars. Bend is personal preference but I recently found the SX Race bend and discovered it perfect for a woods rider that likes to stand up more than sit.

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The easiest way to sum it up is Nitromousse for durability and Michelin for performance. I've settled on Nitro for my go-to mousse for their durability, if lubed properly they can go 80 hours plus of hard riding. I enjoyed how the michelins performed ... more »

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I purchased last years package with and had several issues. Sometimes it was just a bad feed and resulted in poor quality, other times it seemed to run just fine. One time I couldn't get the stream up at all, missed the first few heats and had to wait ... more »

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I'm just hoping this means there could be an east round or two.

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Broke my Tib/fib in 03. Had the Rod removed in 07 as soon as I could. It was causing a lot of pain when running/jumping/cycling and riding. With it removed, I was able to do anything I could before the break. Recovery was only a few months total. I was ... more »

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In regards to the goggle issue. If you aren't already, using a vented (dual) lens drastically reduces fogging. Most goggle companies make them. If your helmet accepts a breath box (something that deflects your breath away from the goggle) This helps ... more »

Added reply in a thread Bye bye Fox Sports... 11/8/2018 10:24 AM

I wonder what this means for those that already purchased the 2019 Supercross Video pass from

Started new thread 10/13/2018 7:12 AM

Are any other folks having issues subscribing to the Supercross package on It lets me sign up and input my credit card information but just chills on that screen for ten minutes. After clicking the "Subscribe now" button it just goes ... more »

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If your dealer continues to drop the ball. Try another KTM dealer in your area. I don't believe it matters if the claim comes from the selling dealer or not. Dealers get off to the thought of stealing business from their competitors. Tell them you're ... more »

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Thanks Maverick. I'm not sure what was going on the first time around but everything ran perfectly for the hangtown replays.

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Same thing is happening with mine but I'm in Canada, can't even watch the replays from last year.

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The shinko cheater is amazing for traction on rocky terrain. However, It's quite soft and gummy compared to the others so I wouldn't expect it to last very long.

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If you're a vet, weekend warrior or occasional mx practice day guy, the XC platform will do you just fine on the track. There's no reason you won't be able to clear any jumps or smash berms just as hard. You'll just have to make sure you find the sweet ... more »

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Definitely heard of it. Would love to race it but it wouldn't be easy to get my bike that far across the country.

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attempted twice (2016 and 2017), only finished in 17. This year I'm going to make sure to ride more rocky terrain beforehand though! I'm only a few hours from there so I'll make my way up there earlier in the season to work on greens mountain.

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Yeah, I think you'll enjoy the Cord for sure. If they keep they keep the same set up as last year. I believe Intermediate, Nov A and VET AA were the classes that ran the entire course with exception of greens and the tunnel.

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I was lucky enough to be one of the 250 Amateurs selected to race in this years Knock out. I'll be traveling from Ontario, Canada and hopefully making a week long riding trip out of it. Anyone else on here also giving it a shot? Can anyone here offer ... more »

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There's only two or three river crossings usually and as long as you keep your bike upright, they won't water you out. I've attempted the Cord the last two years, I didn't finish the first year. This past year I finally finished it. If you're not riding ... more »