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The last comment is very true, especially concerning some OE top triple clamps. On my Hondas and my current Kawi, if I grease the bolts, the top clamp will continue to compress till the gap is completely closed. Doesn't have this problem with the lower ... more »

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Signed up. Hope this goes well. I always enjoyed the Oregon OTMX back in the days. Haven't been a part of that for a while. Still remember the Cliff Stump Memorial down at Albany. Had a fun race with another member here. Right Jeffro? Also be happy to ... more »

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Wow, bummer dude. I skimmed through all of the posts to see if the main complication from a broken Talus was addressed. I didn't see it but you just mentioned it; the foot dying. When I broke mine in 1999 casing a double (didn't crash either) they of ... more »

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The 09 - 12 450 forks will bolt right on. I had a 13 and ran 2010 forks. Which I still have by the way. hint hint. Also as another poster said, the 10-14 250F forks will bolt right up. The 13 - 14 forks are superior though. I personally think the 13-14 ... more »

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What a great video. Great video from a great guy. Nice job Rory

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I wish I had some ground level pics handy but I dug this up a while back. The fabled Palm Ave just south of San Diego. Many a factory team went here to practice. Over 1000 acres I believe. Never an official riding area but it was private property and

... more »
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