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That's not Tarah Geiger, is it?

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I get to ride once a month, but I am willling to ride there on my once a month ride if y'all open to the public :D

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At the time I was wearing a Fly helmet. Now I am on my second 6D.

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Bad crashes? Done? Not to start a pissing contest, but if you don't want to ride, don't ride. A crash shouldn't make you quit riding. Can't have no in your heart!!! My crash... I was done... for a year, the doctor told me to not ride for that long and ... more »

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Yeah, that is a decent time in my mind. People are not trying to put kids down to sleep. Like others have said, just depends on the cop you get, if one does stop you.

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There was an open field down by my house growing up. Right across from some duplexes being built and backed up to two neighborhoods. Maybe two acres. I had a small corner track and would ride twice a week with my dad. Never got the cops called. May have ... more »

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Another sub par year for Plessinger and he can use the Webb out. "Pick me up, I may win a SX title my first year off the Yamadog!!!" hahahaa

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I guess no one watched that national that he was at, or am I just dreaming. Seemed decent when compared to actual pros and not amateurs. He will improve with time, but not like he was crushing the comp when he rode with actual pros. Yeah, that's what ... more »

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The bikes sound good. The "enhanced" engine sound, sounds like a bogged down weed eater. You tried Red Bull, but please, two strokes don't need sound enhancements.I turned off the volume when the races had that.

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Biggest loser with 4 strokes was James Stewart. Just had to say it. To your original question, cream rises to the top. Guys are good for their dedication to being great. Not because of the motor, engine style.

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Have fun and hold your line.

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Couldn't have it at WW or anywhere in the south part of the USA. We'd be dragging riders off the track left and right from the heat.

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Wow. Thanks for posting!

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Yeah, cause GP riders riding the last round of the MX series has proven that EVERY rider rides hard and doesn't lay up for championships.

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3 "different" tracks is pretty cool. Really just 2 different and a different gate placement for one, but I am digging it!!!!

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This is motocross. Anyone that should be in a higher class due to skill is sandbagging. Your buddy that is having a great day and feeling it is probably sandbagging or so the razzing should state. If you are riding a Loretta's Area Qualifier an a certain ... more »

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A 16 footer? This sounds like a big fish story!

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I bought a new pair of Pro Tapers bolt on grips and I accidentally stripped out the bolt the tightens them down. I emailed Pro Taper and ask for a new bolt and they sent me one! Super pumped! Glad to see good customer service is still out there!!!

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Good post Ranman. We seem to think alike in this matter. Except about Webb. I read it agn5009. Also at work, waiting for work to do.

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First race was '95 on a ktm jr 50. In the middle of the race I pulled up to a jump my Dad was standing on and said I was done. Said I had to finish the race. Race to the checkers. Begrudgingly I did. Loved riding ever since.