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In 2000 or 2001 at the alanta sx ,the same year they were quadin the section after the start and kdub broke his femur which i saw but, After meeting several players of the industry i got invited to a strip joint. Hauled a car full of freshdirt/motodrive ... more »

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Had to chill on that a while back,came hoome to 4 cars of law coming out of my drive. They did 15 point turns inthe narrow rd while i drove on in,they wanted me bad in the public rd to take the car apart sinse most let them search butnot me . They were ... more »

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Holy shit I need the same thing but will have to do it myself in the barn Goodluck

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Nice, I was racing at his place,lake sugartree ,the weekend. He got hurt. I will never forget gary and his wife coming out, I think David got hurt on Saturday and they came out Sunday and told us at the riders meeting,i could be wrong on timing, But, ... more »

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Holy hell steve. Shoulda used some good Tennessee or Kentucky whiskey to keep it lubed. A 4str throttle housing has 2 cams,one for each cable, i think it would work on the left and use the close cam.

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Tolulene, i used it in the 80,s. Has benzene (i think that was the molecule)in it which adds o2 ,it was volitale and had to be drained after each moto. Evaporated,toxic,hacrd to jet to but made the engine scream .made plastic tanks brown and brittle ... more »

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I rode one in 74,the pipe was a U shape the exhausted straight down in front of the engine.. it was slow. Cagiva were made in the same factory in the 80,s. Used the big number one out front just painted it italy colors.

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Dr swed, The 250fs that run up front,tomac and pro c are using 50k powerplants and skews your perception of the comparison of 250. 450. Those few bikes like ken,s ktm are pulling numbers like a 450 stock You just cant compare those. The day we ride bikes ... more »

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Not sure what i should do either. Ruined my tib plateau in 09,it split both sides off,about 4 inches in length down each side leaving the top of the tib in a point. A screw was there from acl repair from 10 yrs before and it split at that screw but left ... more »

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It is the way it has always been. You race mx because of the love of the sport. I raced because i needed the rush,the thrill,the risk,the lifestyle. Back in the day someone had to pickup the stick and walk down off the hill and beat the life out of dinner ... more »

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Not correct,lots of guys cla in m to be a good crank man but they are few. Watch them and read the run out on the gauge yourself. You should put crank bearings in also. If you put the bearings in the freezer the day before or several hours before needed ... more »

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And they were produced in the old harley factory where the armacchi 2 strokes were built. The amf harleys

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Electrolux owned husky at the time the castolini and gioni family's bought it. CA castolini. GI gioni. VA varse Italy, I probably butchered the names but it is close. Electrolux still owns the gunsight trademark i believe

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Use an air chisel. Let it hammer in the direction of removal. Pull the trigger easy with the straight cut chisel in. Very good tool,it will usually shake it loose,if not you can cut the nut in half.

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The fad wore off dave,i could not give them away after that last seat increase. So,now if i dont get. Free ones i buy from a scalper for a third of face at most. Then sit wherever you want,the place has been half full. This past race was about full though,the ... more »

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bring it, I,ll put you up

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He was with 5 time at the intro tunnel. I was with my youngest daughter who is a pure gear head. We like to sit there and watch the drivers do their intros,funny stuff. Yelled "millsaps" loud as he turned to walk out. He looked and we waved ,he had to ... more »

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To me SX is just a show,a few tracks offer a race but they are few,most have a line or flo and that is what the fast guys figure out and you watch the show. Motocross is what makes the man.RV can turn the bike with his right hand better than RD. That ... more »

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Yeah,broke my c3,4 3 days after xmas in 03. I always got away with things, I could assess the risk of whatever,see my outs and do it. Just never got scared,fear yes,scared no. Fear gets your senses sharp,scared stop you. When i was into whitewater we ... more »