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Put that in your pipe and smoke-it you 4-stroke lovers.....Thats the way motocross tracks should be rode!! Attacking the track without a hint of being lazy. Long live the high RPM 2-strokes. Great form Jimmy......you da man!

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I've raced all 4 major brands of 125 two strokes, personally I liked the Suzuki RM-125, but all are good. They handle awsome and will help you improve faster then any other size bike. Allthough they do force you to be aggressive and not lazy, but thats ... more »

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Very well said "mxracer106' Your comments on this topic are what alot people feel and carry with them. I know I do. I was lucky enough to be able to meet both Rick and Bruce prior to Ponca City that year. I was working as a motorcycle mechanic at a Suzuki ... more »

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yes i remember meeting you,, Very good to see your doing better.. cool pics...