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Reply to Should America not race MXON? 6/19/2019 4:13 AM

We have quite a few good riders to choose from this year. Osborne, Webb, Anderson, and Barcia would all likely go if asked. Pick two of the KTM/Husky guys and put Barcia on the YZ250f. Everyone’s saying we’ll get smoked, but I honestly see this team ... more »

Reply to KTM sold 260,000 bikes last year... 6/15/2019 10:57 PM

Reply to Bike mixup 6/9/2019 3:36 AM

I’d like to call MX myself from time to time. What’s the number?

Reply to 2020 Yamaha's 6/4/2019 5:03 AM

I’ve been waiting years for Yamaha to release new 2 stroke MX bikes. Now that the day is likely here, I am actually wishing it weren’t. There are plenty of new bikes released every year. But what other bike can you buy that hasn’t changed in 13 years, ... more »

Reply to Throttle tubes 6/2/2019 7:04 PM

ZRT is next level if you want the best, real bearings on both ends, nearly indestructible too.

Reply to Discussion: Most controversial moment in Motocross? 5/31/2019 9:37 AM

The Jaroslav Falta incident is especially sad because I believe he’s passed away, so even if the FIM wanted to right a wrong they would be too late. Not that they ever would anyway....

Reply to Brand New bike that has problems immediately 5/31/2019 4:47 AM

This thread just highlights how much our machinery has changed and with it the riders. Before my era (70’s), you didn’t ride if you didn’t own a welder or have a best friend with one. A decade later (80’s), you’d better know how to do a motor swap between ... more »

Reply to JT$ and Ping talk Goggle Lane in Racerhead 5/30/2019 5:28 AM

As mentioned above, the new 100% tear offs have an adhesive around the perimeter of the bottom tear off. This not only seals a stack of laminates to the lens, but also each additional stack of tear offs seal to each other. If this works as promised it ... more »

Reply to Are stand up jet skis close to moto? 5/15/2019 5:45 AM

Stand ups are fun, and a good workout, but they get boring if you’re used to moto as other than small differences in waves the terrain never really changes. Two things that make it much better are a friend with one also, and bringing a few buoys tied ... more »

Reply to Let's see/review those 2019 kx450s 5/12/2019 3:19 PM

Looks like he used ‘elbow grease’?

Reply to Let's see/review those 2019 kx450s 5/12/2019 10:28 AM

I was helping a friend set up his new 19’ 450 yesterday. I know it’s not broken in but the rear suspension felt like it was basically locked up. So I wanted to back off the comp damping and find out the stock setting is two clicks from full soft. I have ... more »

Reply to SX200, running WAY rich with stock jetting? 4/16/2019 12:15 PM

That NOZH could definitely be part of your problem. When I was trying to get a 250SX to run cleanly down low that was an issue. The NECJ was the solution there. As far as the 200SX, if I remember right, a 1469g needle was best.

Reply to Suzuki RM 125 AF coming out? 4/4/2019 4:37 AM

First thing I noticed.

Reply to Piss poor flagging!! 3/30/2019 6:24 PM

Honestly that was terrible. Flagger inntte landing zone 15’ from the track. Wtf? They need a spotter there telling a flagger on the take off.

Reply to Goggles 3/25/2019 6:38 PM

I do too. I’ve worn many goggles over the years and never had fit issues. Love the field of vision with the Prospect, but they don’t seal well around my nose and cheeks either. Yet to try Airbrakes, but will soon.

Reply to The Whiskey Throttle Show with Micky Dymond is up! 3/22/2019 9:32 AM

The Mick, such an interesting and inspiring guy. Great interview too guys, your format is working in that we’re really getting to know your interviewees on a different level than before. Nice job.

Reply to Why is everyone so “against” ebikes? 3/22/2019 9:26 AM

I don’t hate them, I don’t even know them yet. I do hope they’re not crammed down our throats with unrealistic rules making in the same way that four strokes were. I’d like to see the technology improve to the point where there are groups of people who ... more »

Reply to The New Racer X 3/22/2019 4:32 AM

I’m sure I do Newmann, though organizing my stacks has always been a ‘someday’ project. I mostly look to the bottom of the piles to see the stuff I thought was cool when I was a kid.

New thread The New Racer X 3/22/2019 4:14 AM

The new look Racer X magazine finally arrived in my mail box yesterday. I say finally because I still get excited when I see a moto mag in the box, and that used to be a lot more frequent than it is now. We’ve lost print Cycle News, Dirt Rider, MX Racer, ... more »

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