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Wow, Bob is thinking on another level. Great video, thank you guys!

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2006  YZ200sx

I had many 200sx’s over the years. My last one I put into a 15’ 150sx chassis but I always wanted to put one in a yz chassis. Very nice.

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ML, You do a great job here on Vital managing what sometimes seems like a zoo or a prison. You are young, still idealistic, and good hearted. Eventually life takes some of that innocence away from us all. It does help if you learn to turn a deaf ear to negativity, a skill which I have yet to master myself. Anyhow, know that for any hater, there are probably ten people who'd have your back. Keep on doing what you do.

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Added a comment about feature Spy Photos: The Production 2017 Honda CRF450R! 7/26/2016 4:28 AM

Nice job ML, in getting the pics, and more so in finding big changes that don't really appear unless you really know what you're looking at and for.

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Digger, you said you have your jetting squared away but I'll offer up some info anyhow. I spent a lot of time getting my 12' jetted right and nothing worked as well as a suzuki NECJ needle. Maybe that's what you've got already but if not you should give it a try. Also 160m, 42p, clip 3

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