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AJ, I respect your opinion on the Mik, in fact your jetting specs did work about the best I got it to work. I'm not sure how consistent your weather in Texas is and maybe that's why I've had a different experience than you. Here in New England we get ... more »

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I always liked the little Hanny/ Reedy commercial. Braaap, braaap bawwwww😂

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Somebody had a video or photo of the chain ‘jumping a tooth’. Think more of the chain jumping vertically off the sprocket than off to the side...

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Zeke, those PHDS mounts are still pretty damn light and they work amazingly well. I’d never choose solid over them myself.

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I’d like to make one of those like Bereman’s, anybody have an idea where to get the mesh he used?

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Go watch the video I posted below in the thread Dog Days; New England moto film. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Pretty much what BobPA and Nate said. In the beginning I tried screws. The fronts stayed in pretty well, but the rears would be destroyed in half of a ride. I bought a stud gun and studded my own. My shoulders got a lot stronger probably from making ... more »

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I love the blue engines too. But I was happy to switch from Suzuki to Kawy for 86. I rode them both back to back before deciding as my shop wanted me to stay yellow again the time. At least to me, the Kawy was much better. Went back to yellow one last ... more »

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I’m just bumping this in case anybody’s looking to kill a half hour on a frigid Sunday morning who hasn’t clicked it yet. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stop watching it.

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Gazzo, same crazy stuff we did but nobody had cell phones back then!

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Haha of course he did, he’s everywhere and nowhere!

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Merry Christmas boys. Enjoy this badass film by Elliot Phelps that focuses on the lifestyle and racing of several riders from our area here in western New England. I wrench for Conor Sheridan so I’m particularly fond of that segment, but the whole film ... more »

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Kawasaki Wardy Yamaha Hannah Suzuki Barnett Honda RJ Husqvarna Howerton KTM Van Der Ven

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Trying to recall an old track map I have somewhere of the original MX338 Southwick track..... the Washboard, the Frog Pond (as Ezza mentioned), the Skyhook, the Camel Hump(s), and the Hole are the features that come to mind. Buckley Berm was named later ... more »

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I think you guys are wearing rose colored glasses. The kids of today are lightning fast, and can throw down insane speeds for one lap. The modern format does not favor an old guys skill set. That said, back to what the original question was. I’d think ... more »

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Similar story Mumbles. I remember Brian coming to my local practice track, which was nothing more than a course laid out in a field near a sewage treatment plant here in Westfield MA. The one thing it had going for it was that it was rough and sandy, ... more »

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I love the Kawasaki works bikes from that era. Where the Honda's were super trick and almost too well finished, the Kawi's looked almost cobbled together. It'll never happen, but how cool would it be to gather a works 250 from each of the 'big four' ... more »

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Matty, Rome wasn't built in a day. But it never would've been built if they didn't start building it. Not too long ago KTM was the laughing stock. They built a better bike and people changed their opinion, it happens.

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Fastway pegs in the low position. Bars as far forward as your clamps allow and spaced up enough so you can stand comfortably. Seat, stock height or maybe 1/2” taller max and firmer foam. After many many years of experimentation (I’m 6’3”) I’ve learned ... more »