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Do some research here and over on KTM talk, jetting issues on this machine are well documented. The shortest and easiest way to happiness will be, get cylinder head cut to close up the squish, JD jet kit, V Force reeds.

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I find this brand loyalty/hate stuff so odd. Unless you're being paid by one of the manufacturers, then they are just there to build a product and take your money. Build a better product, and more people will give you their hard earned cash. Seems like ... more »

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The Trek is quite a bit different though, in that the shock move downward from both mounting points. Where as with the Zuk, it's being compressed from both ends. I can't imagine why a company like TM or Beta wouldn't incorporate this design. The Japanese ... more »

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I'm certainly no expert, but I have used a heart rate monitor sporadically throughout the last decade. The thing that is driving me nuts, because of Craig's HR on tv, is that many people are using this information to compare between each other. HR data ... more »

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I've had shoulder injuries from impacts, and I've had them from my arm going in a direction it's not meant to go. The surgery and recovery are grueling. So I'm always looking for a better solution, but I don't think there is a way to protect against ... more »

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Badly dislocated my right wrist almost ten years ago, and I'm left with a little more than half my previous range of motion (getting into the position needed for push-ups is impossible). I bought and still use the all sport brace. I don't even notice ... more »

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I'm not sure what your results will be, but I'm not optimistic. Mainly because I've ridden SX's with completely different carbs and they all have issues. My opinion is that it's not a carb issue. I believe it to be a cylinder head and ignition issue. ... more »

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My experience with OAS is different. I was a kid with an XR75 and my neighborhood was full of other kids with bikes. We rode as much as we could and it was a magical time. I never saw On Any Sunday until many years later, but it perfectly brings me back ... more »

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With criteria given 77' Hannah OW250 97' Emig SR500 17' Osborne FC250 But In my mind at least, your year choice is cutting out the three all time best U.S.des Nation riders. My dream team, Magoo, Ward, Stanton

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I fear there's some truth to this, and in the end the truth usually comes out. I hope not though. Selfishly, I hate the idea of having to rewrite my mental history of the sport.

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This new design really has me scratching my head. Why does nothing fit together or flow? I get that the Husqvarna has that chunky but clean look, but this new design looks like a bunch of mismatched parts were bolted together. I want to like the Husky, ... more »

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I'm a magazine addict. I've got nearly every issue of MXA and Dirt Bike, and I do have every Racer X and the old MXRacer. Up until they let Denison and Keefer go, I had every issue of Dirt Rider too. But with their dismissal, and the decision to go to ... more »

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Never really was a rooting fan of JS. So it's odd to me that at the same time, there was nobody that I'd rather watch ride. From Decoster, through Hannah, RJ, MC, RC, RV, Roczen and Tomac, on their fastest day none of them would beat Bubba on his fastest ... more »

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Four strokes have evolved so much, I don't think I'd want any of the works 450's over a new 220lb fuel injected, electric start wonder bikes from KTM or Husqvarna. But, if I could have one of the last works 2 strokes, I'd definitely choose that. Reed's ... more »

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It seems to me, some guys can get happy with these bikes and others just can't find the cure. I've ridden a couple of them that were supposedly perfect. Well, it wasn't what I'd call perfect at all. I'm looking for it to run really cleanly right from ... more »

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This thread will never win without a factory ECU

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I never met Tom, but he was always an inspiration. From afar, he seemed to be one of the few who could be super successful in business and at the same time be a great friend and family man. All the while doing what he loved and what made him happy. RIP ... more »

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I think my 100% goggles fit great, just as good as any Oakley, Scott, or smith that I've had. I have five riding buddies who wear them too, never heard the nose pinch thing myself. Maybe us New Englandahs have skinny noses. I am looking forward to a ... more »