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I don’t understand why Feld/AMA/MXSports has to obey their ruling. What happens if they don’t and just implement their own punishment? It’s like you’re over here going to work and you get a speeding ticket and some completely unrelated government from ... more »

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My KYB SSS forks are good enough that I don’t ever mess with them. But at the time, the conventions Marzoccis were way better than anything else. Then the 50mm WP conventionals that followed them were equally as good if not better. It was many years ... more »

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If you allow yourself time in the SIDI’s to get used to the advantages of the sleek narrow SRS sole, any thing else will feel like you’re wearing clown shoes.

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Nice to see the gunsight is back

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X5 We need another catch phrase for non two stroke purchases. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Kiwifan, it’s no secret that Honda has used the ‘I’ll take my ball and go home’ strategy many times in many different racing disciplines. Though, I doubt they’d do anything in this particular situation.

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drawvro on instagram

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As with many of us, I've been shocked again this year at the number and the severity of the injuries piling up at the top level of this sport. I've read many articles and threads/opinions on the matter, and have added mine to the list on occasion. I ... more »

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We are pretty spoiled. We expect the ultimate performance with the ultimate durability and I think the OEM's are doing a really good job of giving it to us. Too good actually in a lot of ways. Modern bikes are very intricate machines, and sometimes stuff ... more »

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Sorry, I know the thread started with the 125 talk but it evolved into the inevitable KTM bash/love thing it always does. I was referring to the 250 with my comment. I had a recent 150 that was super clean running with only minor tuning too.

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But it’s not just the carb. It’s a sloppily designed cylinder head, and reed cage. And then they don’t even use power jet technology with tps like Yamaha’s been doing forever. I’d love a new TC, but I’d rather wait until this is sorted, because I’ve ... more »

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Don't want to quote the whole post, but man, that Sachs is beautiful!!!

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Very interesting reading here. I had always been under the impression that the cylinder head is the first place to go when looking for power as the oem's do a poor job in getting squish correct, and they also have to run on the garbage that comes from ... more »

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I always tell the non artistic people in my family that being an artist is just a combination of an idea/vision and the patience to make it happen. You've obviously got both in spades, really nice work!

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First off, that was terrible and I hope he heals quickly and totally. Second, this seems to open an opportunity. Get healthy and be ready to ride the US Nationals. Why start in on the GP season when you're already two to five races out of the points? ... more »

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Oh, try coming with some real info next

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Do some research here and over on KTM talk, jetting issues on this machine are well documented. The shortest and easiest way to happiness will be, get cylinder head cut to close up the squish, JD jet kit, V Force reeds.