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Fastway pegs in the low position. Bars as far forward as your clamps allow and spaced up enough so you can stand comfortably. Seat, stock height or maybe 1/2” taller max and firmer foam. After many many years of experimentation (I’m 6’3”) I’ve learned ... more »

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Probably will never happen, but I too would really like to see what Justin would do on an Austrian 350.

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Of course it’s not black and white, and there’s always the possibility that Max finds some consistency. As a fan of the hard working privateer guy who’s never really gotten a break though, I’d rather see a guy like Short get a shot and see what he can ... more »

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I’d like to see a hard working privateer like John Short get a shot at a ride like this. Max is certainly fast, but his inconsistency has been his Achilles heel and still seems to be. Who knows though, maybe Max is the next Zacho.

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That was maybe funnier re-reading it now than it was the first time. I’m not sure what’s changed, whether it’s Racer X or society as a whole, but we don’t see stories like that nowadays. I am now really wishing I’d saved my newsprint Racer-X’s, as I ... more »

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Don’t forget about removal cost down the road too. I just removed one that had been out in the elements here in New England for ten years and it took over two long days. It was a pain in the a$$. The paint underneath did still look great though, so there’s ... more »

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It was painful to try and watch, especially considering this to me is the premier moto event of the year. For those who are saying it was raining hard/very wet etc., go back and look at the broadcast. On a couple of the cameras the raindrops were the ... more »

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It’s too bad that they’ll probably look at it as failing. They’re racers after all. That’s just the way it is. I hope they can take away some great memories, I hope they forged some great friendships, and I hope this experience pays off in some other ... more »

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Should’ve called Graham Jarvis, he would’ve just ridden it out 😉

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I’ve used it for three years or so. Just like anything there’s a learning curve, mostly regarding the install. After several tire swaps it’s as easy as a tube for me now. I’ve never had an issue ‘burping’. I have picked up a couple flats trail riding ... more »

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I’ve been trying to locate technical touch USA but their website seems to be gone? Does anyone know what’s up?

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I think just for marketing reasons you go with the single digit. You never know what’s going to happen. Deano has had some terrible luck with injuries since his 250 outdoor title. As a result he’s been bouncing around between fill in, factory, and privateer ... more »

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Apparently MrInfo isn’t any better at math than ML. 6x5 does not equal 36 either. At least with ML it was a typo. Really enjoyed the quick and honest shootout ML, can’t wait for more. I am a paper magazine addict, have been for thirty years. But even ... more »

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If all of the factory 250’s are really fast then why was it almost all Yamahas doing Laroccos leap yesterday. I was standing right there. Early on some KTM’s and Husky’s did it too, but by the end of moto two it was only Yamahas. That tells me their ... more »

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Tom, great stuff as always! But even better because my rider was in the show. #880 Conor Sheridan

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I don’t believe it possible to make a living racing regional or smaller races any more. In the late eighties here in New England the top five guys were getting bikes, gear, and oil for free. Purse at the races was only ok, but contingency was good. I ... more »

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I was in staging with my rider when I saw Roczen getting heckled. He didn’t flinch but I’m positive he heard it. It’s honestly pretty disgusting. My opinion on it is this; when I grew up in the late seventies early eighties we still had lots of fist ... more »

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We have quite a few good riders to choose from this year. Osborne, Webb, Anderson, and Barcia would all likely go if asked. Pick two of the KTM/Husky guys and put Barcia on the YZ250f. Everyone’s saying we’ll get smoked, but I honestly see this team ... more »

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I’d like to call MX myself from time to time. What’s the number?