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Can you imagine being a rider on another team, sitting in staging looking at the Honda boys and their bikes back then? It would take a lot of mental strength to believe you even had a chance. So damn trick!!

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It would never happen in these times, but imagine how cool it would be to see AC, Zacho, or Chase do an MXGP. This kind of stuff happened regularly back in the 80’s and 90’s, but modern programs leave no wiggle room to do it 😕

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My ride group has done a few trips up to the U.P. Over the years. It used to be awesome. Not sure what happen, but we went up last summer and found that most of the trails were overgrown and had not been maintained at all. The quad and sxs paths on the ... more »

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Wow, Bob is thinking on another level. Great video, thank you guys!

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Of course lessons are worth it and will help lay a solid foundation for you. But most importantly you just need to spend time on the bike and in a low pressure setting. Find a field and set up a turn track and ride it until your tank is dry. Reverse ... more »

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I’m going to try to explain something here. There’s a thing called a masshole. Generally it refers to eastern Massachusetts natives. You’d think by the way it sounds that it’s a bad thing, but in reality it’s not. A masshole is honest and outspoken and ... more »

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I wish I knew what set the hook but it just feels like I was born this way. I still have every MXA, Dirt Bike, Popular Cycling, and Modern Cycle from about 75’ on and remember every detail. But even before these dirt based magazines I was asking my mom ... more »

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Very sad day for a generation of moto riders. At a time when moto was at its coolest, he was by far the coolest racer/person in the sport. Like Rupert said, we all wanted to be just like him. I used to wear a team Honda Jersey just like his to school ... more »

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Hoping I’m wrong in putting this together with another thread and thinking thus may be about my first hero. Sending positive thoughts........

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Ping, the first part of the show was crazy for me. I had the same exact bikes as Doug. From the 74 xr75, wanted and never got the red xr75 but had the poster, had the 78’ yz80 and had the frame break and derail the chain breaking the cases etc.. It was ... more »

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Similar to lukemoto’s, I do like his with the orange rear end though. Very nice.
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We're having a pretty big problem in western mass with 'wheelie boyz' riding the streets, it's been on the news every morning almost. The police think the public is dumb enough to believe that this is them doing something about the problem. Meanwhile, ... more »

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I remember Keith Bowen as the first to do it. There was a story printed about it somewhere and though it made him the man to beat the day he first showcased the skill, he either crashed or suffered a mechanical. By the next time whoops were included ... more »

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Jeff’s take sounds right to me, and it was a pretty smart move by the rider if so. Question, does the second race gate pick go by qualifying or by first race position?

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Crush, I didn’t remember Demaria being so strong that year. His DNF’s surely cost him that title. He’s got to be one of the best to never win a title.

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Momus, these are predominantly the head stay boots and upper subframe bolts on a KTM 450. They come loose when tightened to spec or even beyond without using Loctite. Like I also mentioned, same bike with same mechanic and different rider (me=slower) ... more »

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Thank you Billy

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Interesting stuff in this thread for sure. A lifelong rider and pretty good mechanic, I developed long ago a feel for torque that has always been pretty accurate. I still use a torque wrench to check suspension linkages and motor mounts, also triple ... more »

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Albertyn and Tortelli both came to supercross when they were the best in the world. It humbled them both and neither returned to their dominant ways even outdoors, though Albee did win a title. SX is a different animal.

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Some great advice above for sure. I do think though that you’d make your experience better by getting off the 450. I’m a bigger guy at 6’3” and 200lbs. and I have a life time of experience racing everything from moto, hare scrambles through enduro. I ... more »