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Being 6’3” and over 200 pounds I always liked open bikes. I raced KX500’s for a while, then had a KTM500, and even a KTM550. But the strangest bike I raced would be an ATK406. I raced several local motos and even some harescrambles on it, and trail rode

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If he’s still riding that well I’d think the adventure thing would not peg the fun meter. Do some research and go to Colorado or Idaho for a week of singletrack riding. Camp right in the national forest and spend your nights by the campfire and your ... more »

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Nice work as always Tom, and that Sexton series is crazy!

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Oneonta is a cool town relatively close but there’s nothing within 30-45 minutes minimum

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Not only should they count the 500 from the years the series was split, but also from all the years before that too. The 500’s were considered at least equal to the 250’s, and the factory teams would divide their best riders between the classes. These ... more »

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Coming off 5 years on yamahas I found the WP stuff on my 250SX to be better stock than I could ever get the KYB after multiple revalves. I actually really liked the air fork too, but did convert to spring just because most of my rides are 3-5 hours and ... more »

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This X1000

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Pour into a funnel, but have the opening between 9-11 o’clock

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“Learning lesson”

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Kudos to DV for stating the truth and not backing down. I thought Rut was an ok guy but just wrong for the supercross broadcast. After hearing him speak, I have changed my mind about the ok guy part

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I don’t think he lead and crashed as much as he crashed trying to get to the lead. The ones that stick in our memories though are the ones where he crashed out of the lead like Daytona or the one where he hooked his front brake on the hay bale (Budds?). ... more »

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Jambalaya, you make a good point. I don't think James will be forgotten because he not only was fast as hell, but he did things that were so jaw dropping and dangerous looking that I don't think will ever be replicated. But, his glow will diminish over ... more »

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ODI Rogue’s work good for me and I wear a XXL glove. Another option would be Oury, they are probably the fattest.

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Great show again Ping. Those guys really made you appreciate how fun, how tough, and how dangerous moto can be. I was thinking the other day that I can’t remember ever hearing a podcast with Josh Grant. I think his story would be very interesting, he ... more »

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Creative and well written, but long way to say JMart should not be hurt right now. I don’t disagree Before anyone says it, JMart was hit in the back. I know. There are good shoulder pads that protect there too.

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I'm really not into freestyle at all but holy hell that was amazing. Literally watched it with my jaw dropped, and I'm going to watch it again right now. The kid is so talented he makes that stuff look so easy.....

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Honestly I think it’s just smile police. They want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

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I raced an ATK406 with their torque eliminator system in 90 or 91 in both moto and hare scrambles. I remember that I really liked that suspension a lot, in both environments. I also remember being able to charge right at 10” logs and the bike would not

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Go out by yourself and spend a day testing. Set your sag and put the fork to the recommended pressure. Then go all the way out on your shocks rebound. Ride around and see how that feels. Then go all the way in and see how that feels. Put the rebound ... more »

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Not sure if it’s a best or worst, but here’s a pic my mom actually took of me way back in 83’ at Pepperel. Hit neutral on the jump face, got knocked out and broke my collarbone, and had amnesia for a couple days too. Learned to never shift ... more »