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Holy hell! ?

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How can an organization be given ultimate power to make decisions that greatly affect people’s livelihoods, and at the same time have zero transparency? Feld, the AMA, MX Sports and the riders themselves are all to blame for this mess. If any of them, ... more »

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I don't think Dizzy realizes that Jessy is paralyzed, that's the only reasonable explanation for his post. But Mitch seems cool enough that I doubt he'd care either way.

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Definitely possible, I did it myself back in 05'. Easy plug and play, the big 2k3 flywheel mellows the power a little and provides lots of juice for running lights and such.

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RC>JS>RV>RD>ET which brings the USA to where it is now. These things are transitional and we’ll have our day again. Probably not for a while though.

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And JMB if you add in SX too

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After a big accident and hospital stay I hated the oxy and other opioids so I started taking Advil instead. Maybe 9 over a 24 hr period and only for a few weeks and it took me over a year to heal my stomach from that. I love Advil for the occasional ... more »

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Jake had such a sick style on the 250. Maybe he wasn’t big enough or never got the same feelings from the 450. Makes me wonder what would’ve been if he’d have raced in the two stroke era. He might have been really good on a 250 two stroke. He’s fought ... more »

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Wheels, tires, tubes, sprockets etc are high priority weight loss items. It’s not how low they are that matters. That might be the case if it was sprung weight. These things are unsprung weight, and not only that, but they are rotating mass as well. ... more »

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I would really like to see philthy get a shot at a full factory 450 indoors and out. He had a couple breakthrough rides recently, maybe he’s a new guy come Anaheim.

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I have been making my own graphic guards for years now as my graphics would always get peeled back immediately where I squeeze the air box with my boots. These are strips cut from an air box that was broken in another spot, but I’ve used other ... more »
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February release with no E start, same old 250 engine. Those engineers must feel hamstringed by budget constraints, especially at a time when they need to go all in to keep up. Pretty sad really.

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It's hard to imagine a way that internal combustion can keep up in the near future. Electric's ability to deliver max torque from zero RPM, modern traction control, coupled with four wheel drive etc.. But, at the end of the day I couldn't care less. ... more »

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All the complaining about MXA, would you haters be happy if they went away? Just don’t buy it, don’t read it, if you hate it so much. As for their test riders, most if not all raced at the pro level at some point in their career going way back. Telford, ... more »

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RC was standing too, you just couldn’t tell ; )

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That was an impressive piece of work. Nice job!

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Thank you JBone! I'll give you a call to catch up and schedule in said mods with my next top end job, that sounds exactly like what I'd want.

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Jeffro, sorry for asking a question when you were waiting for an answer to your own. Interesting info here for sure!

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That was great info Josh. I'm riding a basically stock YZ, just an exhaust and v force. But I was thinking about getting the head done as I know they're pretty sloppy from the factory. After reading this though, I think I need to find out where to get ... more »

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Peely, I’d like to have a beer with Derek Harris, always learn something DC, news right from the source DV come home, didn’t like him as a racer, my favorite for his strong and insightful opinions ML, as core as it gets, good tech info GuyB, doesn’t ... more »