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That sucks, mainly because that kid could do some damage outdoors. I really like to watch him ride and appreciate the fact that the kid comes from not much and works his ass off. Supercross does not allow fitness to be a major factor which is his main ... more »

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Hank thanks for posting that. So cool to see that race again. That race was just as epic as I remember it.

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RRSis, The memory I have of Robbie is not of his injuries, even though they were many and tragic to his career. One day at Unadilla ( I forget the year ) I saw Robbie ride a motorcyle like I've never seen anyone else ride. He was using lines no one else ... more »

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That's going to make the trip to the mailbox a lot less exciting. With all the other publications being monthly's my chance of just finding bills just went up dramatically.


It's all a conspiracy to eventually end up with a one moto format. Also, the moto will be only 15 minutes because none of the manufacturers seem to be able to build bikes with large enough fuel tanks.

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I don't know what the difference was wether it was watering or prep but the sand looked deeper than it has in many years.

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I totally agree. I am 6'4" and although I enjoyed the racing and the track was awesome, the viewing was tough. Very true that in many spots I could only see from the seat up as the riders went by and had no idea who they were. That needs to be addressed. ... more »

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JB 19 wrote: Southwick looks like a shell of its former self. I won't say it is as horsepower robbing as it used to be........oh, and props to Alessi on the good ride. jaeckle wrote: Agreed. Hard to call it a sand track now. MXSports should look for ... more »

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My home made 2010 KTM 200SX. It's a 2010 150SX chassis with a 2004 200SX motor, ignition, exhaust etc. ... more »
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The last time I raced there was a long time ago (other than doing the GNCC). I think it was 1991 and they still were leaving the track year to year and letting the grass cover everything. It was a lot of fun, the track changed a lot as the grass got ... more »

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The cylce is almost complete. Once the 125 class makes its return (and hopefully it won't take too long) it will be like it always has been in the past; 125 class, 250 class and open class. Anyone who thinks a 450 is not an open bike is crazy. And for ... more »

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I can probably ride my bicycle just as fast with training wheels on it as I can without. But I grew up and learned how to balance on just two wheels so I ditched them. Quads are for tards, period. And if you ride one and don't think you look like a tard ... more »

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I live a few minutes from the track and it poured all night long here. Being that the whole track is hilly there are usually washouts all over the place. That, and it costs too much to groom it for an open practice where sometimes they get too many people ... more »

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Can't even believe I'm wasting time reading this stupid thread. Two points; Not only do you need to use the stock cases, but you also need to have stock bore and stroke. And second, do you really think a manufacturer who's future is riding on this would ... more »

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To this day I haven't ridden a rear suspension that worked as well as the Full FLoater did. Maybe that's because it was such a huge step up from what we rode before it. I have an old RM500 I'm going to eventually restore just to see how good it really ... more »

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There are three reasons I see the two stroke making a comeback. Most important, cost. Cost to buy, cost to modify, cost to maintain, plus the money you lose when you sell a worthless pile of crap at the end of the season (who really wants to buy a used ... more »

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I didn't know they were going to have a novice class at Hangtown. Seriously, I know he's fast. But everytime I see him ride I am shocked that a guy can go that fast who looks as if he has no idea how to ride a motorcycle. Always leaning too much, elbows ... more »

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That must be a modern four stroke way of thinking. Looking at your bike instead of riding it your valves will last way longer. Seriously though, if you run a skid plate and the standard KTM frame guards almost no paint wears off their frame that's visible. ... more »

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thanks for the info

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Went to check out some of the GP action from yesterday on the "Freecaster"? web site. Apparently it's no longer free. Maybe they should change their name to moneycaster. I'll miss watching an occasionla GP, but not enough to pay for it.

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