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I had a similar experience. They only thing I could think of was a batch of bad 2T oil. I switched brands and never had the problem again.

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Something to note, not really related to filters or fuel clamps, but the bottom radiator hose is very exposed on these bikes. I damaged a head because if the hose being damaged during a race, spewing all the coolant out. I have since added protection ... more »

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This product works well. Its a fork shrink designed for great protection.

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Same problem here the cap lying loose on the plug.

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Front axle is not the same.

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well for me too.
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Motocross of Africa Des Nations 2017 held in Gaborone Botswana

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MX in South Africa is alive & well. Until recently we had a track next to the Crocodile River and at night the Hippo's came to visit. Some of our tracks are located in the bush, awesome scenery.

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Oil comming out of the head?. Where exactly? If its not from the power valve breather then there is a big problem with the head, dont think its oil.

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2nd Gear starts are a tall ask for a 125, how much do you weigh? Most guys I know start in 1st gear.

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Cool thanks.

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Does any of the aftermarket companies make a replacement fuel tank for a YZ250F, fuel injection model?

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Did you replace the swingarm bearings, They often have excessive play and require frequent regreasing too. Also noticed the bottom shock bearing wears quickly. On a side note my Steering head bearings also wear quickly. I think it's a bad design, keen ... more »

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CHeck the wiring my friend had a problem where the harness plugs in at the steering head. on of the wired broke at the connector. couldn't see it without very close inspection.

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Front is different. Not sure on rear.

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Just a thought, left or right-hand turns? could be he is dragging the rear brake.

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Tracks have a lot more to do with it than the 2T vs 4T discussion. I have both 250 2T & 250 4T fun on both, but at 52 I couldn't be bothered racing killer tracks & generally only ride the easier / Natural ones.

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Open the gas before he flat lands will also absorb some of the impact.

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YUP pity we can't pay for shipping if we win

Sad because we also use their products.
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