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The clowns on pulp weren't talking about KR557 when they said that. That guy's making bank for sure.

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You can't do's called a "Constructive eviction". They'll take our vital bro to court, be allowed to stay in residence, get damages awarded, and vital bro will be right back where he started. And a lot poorer

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My brother...I went through the same thing...disabled wife that did not work, children, etc... My best advice to you is do not even consider providing your ex a place to live, and do not even for an instant allow your ex to determine how you conduct ... more »

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Good eye

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You go right ahead. That was from one firefighter regarding another...when you're in the fire service one has to watch what is said. Say the wrong thing and you can lose your job.

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Bent upper or lower fork tubes, triple clamps twisted from impact, bent axle will all cause these symptoms. Is the wear on your bushings all around, or only on one side? Did the bike do this from brand new, or did it start after a crash? You'll need ... more »

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I wonder how the fire department he works/worked for would view those comments....

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There's a gentleman who races quads in GNCC. Jake Stratton is his name. He is 82 years old, and won the 60+ class for 2019...

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That line looks like it goes right through the weld. Leads me to believe it is a'd have to do a mag particle or PT test to be certain. However, if it is a crack, it can be repaired by a skilled welder

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I'll be at Hillsville tomorrow about 11

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The JNCC in Japan has the same tearoffs. Also disposable water bottle systems like used in GNCC here

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Pfftht! T shirt weather there

. This is coming out of work a few years ago: ... more »
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All the events listed prequalify the top finishers for the TKO

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Was gonna say that's unobtanium there...If I had a bike those fit and I wanted that level of trickness I'd pony up the bucks without question. Besides, even for the stock setup, you'll pay $300-$400 to get the case cover and water pump cover. People ... more »

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A team manager I know has repeatedly told me that in the eyes of a lot of these companies, it's all about likes these there's that. (And yes he's been around a while, and he hates it...the social media aspect of it)

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SS valves are substantially heavier than Ti valves. You need the heavier springs for sure. With the increased mass of the SS, you might end up with valve float even in the midrange

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G Force cartoons and Mongoose BMX bikes...

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Perhaps because the word learned is also used as an adjective. As in he is a learned scholar... pronounced learn-ed.

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Here's one I haven't seen posted yet:

... more »
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You should be able to use whatever hub you'll have to spec the bearings by size though. You'll have to do this no matter what hub you're running, since the hubs will all come with stock bearing sizes