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12 Monkeys kicks ass

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Nostalgia tells me Motocross Madness 2 is the GOAT game

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Eh, he went on to have a perfectly fine solo career. Not as good as his work with Van Halen, but anything would pale in comparison when next to VH's early albums. Plus Sammy Hagar kept them alive and made them some money after Diamond Dave left.

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IIRC, the riders (for sure some of the mechanics) are 1099 contractors so they are only getting paid when races are run and the like.

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Is this KTM shop literally 24 hours away? because 24 hours of drive time will put you in central america or Canadas Northwestern Territories no matter where you start from in the USA.

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Is that a clarke tank? Hoe does it fit the aluminum frame?

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I do not own it, but I see it at the races and have held a few pants and jerseys of guys I was riding with to get an idea of the construction. Each time I felt them it was like the shift blue label. Looks good but felt flimsy. I didnt see it holding ... more »

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Treverton PA for the hillclimbs, would prolly only be good for a novelty visit or two.

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Always wanted to race a few rounds. The series seems to never leave the strip of land between ATX and H town though, drive is way too far for me.

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Eh. As someone who lives in an urban core of a city that is doing the opposite of gentrification, I have had plenty of my bikes, tools and parts stolen from my garage and driveway over the years. I am not letting any stranger who is trying to buy a bike ... more »

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India is actually pretty massive. 5x the size of texas in land area. Source: am texan

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BooKoo energy about to rise out of the ashes to fill the void. stamp it

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The Rock is juiced to the gills. I dont think they allow a TUE for HGH and other steroid hormones.

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I wonder this as well. Every thread like this has dudes sayin this. If it keeps the industry alive then, who cares.

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One of the times where the internet is awesome. Glad it all worked out.

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Is prodigy stuff as durable/ well made as the harwear line? Also where did you buy from. Oneals site wont let you make a purchase.

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You in the Permian Basin Midland/ Odessa or out in NM?

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I got one from a member here in the bazar section for 300- brand new had only been tried on. It is a kickass helmet, you will like it. Runs a bit smol though.

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One of my least favorite things about moto. Every other sport is super transparent compared to all disciplines of dirt bikes

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The sad part is that if the YZs are still available in 10 years they will be about 10k MSRP