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Thanks for looking out!

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If you ever get enough interest, text me at 806-787-2305. I would be down for one such outing, doesn’t matter the round or date.

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Ti (vs TIP)

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Then they will just b*%$# about dust, erosion or injury liability. I once thought as you did that electric will open up lands for Moto and enduro/ trails riding. But the reality is they will find an excuse to shut it down. Maybe in the short term to ... more »

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YZ250 is still 'competitive' in that it sells out each year and people place in local races and win local series all the time on them, esp. in the woods. No 20 year old bike is competitive in a top-level series unless there is an absolute badass riding ... more »

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Of course it is; ATX is a great place and one of the best cities in the US and it makes Texas a better place. Also that other guy is crazy, even in bumfuck TX, people are wearing masks. Even in Midland and Odessa where sentiments towards Covid are especially ... more »

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French Flair? These would look LeLit on the YZ, *insert never tell me the odds gif*

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Are you Racing TSEC or TORCS

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They call 'em Boeing Bombs.

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Aussie has a great tradition in motorsports, so it is no surprise. Mick Doohan, Casey Stoner, Gardner, Go-Show, Reed, Byrner not to mention the boatload of freestyle guys like Jacko.

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Looking for the OE single stamp Excel Takasago rims in blue. Complete set with the rim, spoke and hub is cool, or just the rim. Open to an 18 inch rear from the 250x too, as long as its blue. Also looking for a carbon fiber power valve cover & carbon ... more »

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If anyone has any Light Speed or equivalent reputable carbon manufacturer lower fork guards for an 08 and up YZ 250 2 stroke, let me know your cost (shipped) to Texas, zip 79411. Used or new is cool. Text anytime at 806-787-2305

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While I regard DC and his 'Empire' (and it's quite some Empire) in a far better light than that b**tard Luongo, that he stops Teams and Riders from selling Merchandise from selling in the Pits is so, so wrong. Feld, the same ( well, I hold them in just about the same level of contempt as I do Luongo / InFront), it's just incredible...more

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I know people that do not understand business or have never actually raced will thumbs down this... Who cares about them.
MX sports Charges $100K + (even during the CCP virus) They also want to only sell there merch and want a peace of tickets and alcohol sales, DC is a millionaire and only started Racer X to argue back at the MXA...more

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No one has posted the fact that the Hardwear line is some of the most durable gear available on the market today. Most durable stuff since made in USA (or Finland) gear was a thing, IMO.

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I will buy the fork guards from you, feel free to shoot me an offer of what it would take to part with em to me 806-787-2305.

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After surviving the crash where like 5 guys landed on him, not surprised this wasn't enough to keep him down. Big fan of both the Alessi bros and glad to hear Mike should be okay.

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O'neal hardwear will last the longest; FXR is also built well, on par or above the Fox 360 line.

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Probably any sport besides lax or equestrian/ polo. MX is probably the least likely to lead to rags to riches due to the high cost of the sport. JS7 def the exception.

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This is a good one. One main event win IIRC. Still one bad dude. How does NM produce so many talented racers?