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sorry no, we only did it cause we all rode bikes and thought it was cool. It was more of a side project. They wanted them for like $33 each. We made top and bottom, bar mounts, all the stuff. Just couldn't make any money. But we did get a killer discount ... more »

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I just went upstairs and looked. All gone. It was from 2000 era. So been a while since I even though of them. But if I had to guess we made probably a couple thousand sets. I found one top clamp in a box. Will post a pick in a few...

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we made the triple clamps for them, hundreds of sets. We lost a lot of money on that deal. Think we still have some up in the attic.

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dude, you sound stupid

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reading between the lines on the reviews I have read it doesn't sound that great. Read MXA mid week report from yesterday. And thats just one impression!

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I doubt the trade off of looking cool on a 2 stroke would out weigh the embarrassment of getting smoked. No pun intended. Not a chance.

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I think most will want to go the other way on the clamps, like 23.5 or 24mm from what I understand. No, have not rode one, but from some comments of those who have suggest it.

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remember KTM had Dungey ride the 2019 after the end of the SX season. I heard he was quite a bit faster than his race bike. They wanted to convince him to stay another year. He was impressed, but had already made up his mind.

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I'm guessing this is one of the reasons twins on the Honda make sense. Way cleaner and hidden.

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is this still available?

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no kidding, that's why the twins are better imo. One tip over for green, yellow, blue, orange and white and its bent too!

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I'm going to agree 100%.

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thank you Keefer! Love the insight and honesty

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haha! I'm in the same boat as you, I want it bad! I would just fly there and drive it back. Just trying to figure when I could is the problem. I think we both know this is a killer deal! Just sold my bike and bought a rzr too. Love that thing!

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is it still available?

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Im in San diego, any chance you would meet me half way? seriously

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no, you can make your own choice, I like that. Or you can buy the oem if you want the Honda battery.

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my boy tried to buy one also through our credit union. They said no also saying it was for business! I would just go through Ford credit at the dealer