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Whats really going on is france dont pick marvin for mxdn this year, everybody gets really upset about it, marvin becomes a us citizen, he will race for the usa next year, and then have a little «crash» witch will put usa to far behind and france will ... more »

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Get a tractor, a sprayer and some heavy duty chemicals, you wont need a weedwacker again

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Its impossible for me to vote i got a yz250 and kx450 16, and i love them equally in different ways tho, like if you have two dogs

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It was just a bad joke, his answer about that made me laugh, im cheering for him every weekend

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Eli tomac and dont know what youre doing during time off

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My lottary dream is a full size semi for racing and camping, my realistic plan is a sprinter for the bikes with a camper behind, bikes and stuff in the van and living in the camper, me and my kid can sleep without the gasolin and smelly gears and the ... more »

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The ronmac-villopoto-reed thing was funny, if this sport cant handle this kind of stuff its already broken Before social media this kind of talk was normal between racers where im from

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I look forward to all the american excuses of how little this supercross track was a supercross track if the euro win Im a euro tomac fan, its not easy i tell you that

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How is the protection of the kneecap on the mobius?, my pod300 I feel have very little protection of the kneecap, i had a crash into some rocks causing the brace to tear apart and ended up with a swollen knee and a hole I was able to look directly on ... more »

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There should be only one premier series in the world, planet earth, we would get the absolut best racing and im really getting concerned WW3 is gonna start in the motocross community

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Anyone know where to watch the race? my nbc gold wont work