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I have a jeep compass and use a hitch hauler no problems.

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I think once the races come back east he will do better since he is from Michigan and goes to school in FL he will be much more used to the type of tracks and the conditions out east.

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I clicked on the link and click channel 2 which opened another page and then my computer went nuts had to shut it down and did a scan and the scan came back with a website threat possible malware virus threat. DON'T CLICK on the link.

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Nice track!! Have you had it out on any trails yet?

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What are the chances of the 200's actually coming in in November?

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So you can affect the bottom end of the motor just with jets? Obviously I don't no to much about jetting. How about changing the gearing with the sprockets? Are you at sea level? I live in PA so we ridefrom around 200' up to about 1500' I'm guessing ... more »

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Nice 250! Yeah, a lot of people seem to like the yz 125 in the woods. This Beta is supposed to be about the same on the bottom but have a little more up top and a 6 speed transmission. So I think it would be a super fun bike. If I end up getting it I'll ... more »

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I checked out All sports. It's about a 6 hour one way drive. I have a dealership about 2hrs away that is giving me a great

How did you son feel the bottom end was? Did he get to ride on on some single track? My biggest concern is the bottom ... more »
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Yeah, that 200 looks sweet but It's about $2000 grand more then I can get the 125.

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Anyone on here have one? How do you like? Does it lug fairly well? How does it handle MX track? How is it in the single track and woods? I mostly ride in the woods of PA but hit the tracks once in a blue moon. I found a great deal on one and am very ... more »

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That sucks!! One down before it even starts.

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Anyone using them as trail bike? They are so much cheaper the the orange and white.

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Long time troll on Vital. lol I just wanted to give you props for doing this. Their are a lot of people mostly younger who are getting into photo and video. Who knows maybe you will inspire some of them to do more moto. You can never have enough moto ... more »