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Reply to TRIUMPH Announces Coming Line Of MX and Enduro Bikes, Carmichael to Test 7/20/2021 7:39 AM

So if you're Triumph, you have a clean slate to start with. I think they take each existing bike and determine the pros/cons. To me... the biggest decision will be weather to go with a steel or aluminum frame. Personally, I'd start by mimicking KTM steel ... more »

Reply to BIG MX NEWS LANDING TOMORROW?? 7/19/2021 3:07 PM

You didn't deny it. Ha ha

Reply to BIG MX NEWS LANDING TOMORROW?? 7/19/2021 2:56 PM

Triumph taking over the Factory Suzuki racing effort.

Reply to ever seen..... 6/5/2021 6:02 PM

I haven't seen one added inside a trailer but I'm sure it's possible. I have seen people do the "sun shower" thing outside with a take heated by sunlight and gravity flow.

Reply to How old were you guys when your parents stopped bringing you to the track? 1/26/2021 6:51 AM

My parents went to pretty much all the races with me. I had my own track on our property as well but never rode unless someone was home. After I turned 16, I did go with friends once or twice but I never went to a race alone. One time I went with a friend ... more »

Reply to NBCSN to Die in 2022 1/25/2021 8:50 AM

NBC is f'ing up several things. They took The Golf Channel and moved the studios from Orlando to golf mecca Connecticut. They axed most of the staff and kept a couple simply because their contracts weren't up. They produce zero new content aside from ... more »

Reply to Why so many all black gear sets tonight? 1/20/2021 7:23 AM

If I could go back and talk to my younger self... I'd tell my younger self to listen to my dad and wear the navy blue and gun metal grey stuff he suggested. As much as I loved the bright colors, they got dirty looking really quick. Looking back at old ... more »

Reply to 2 rounds in and its anyone's game... 1/20/2021 7:19 AM

Understanding Barcia's shifter issue, I'd throw him in as well.

Reply to 2 rounds in and its anyone's game... 1/20/2021 5:24 AM

Yeah, meant to say this is points pending any penalties. But if anything, it may help bring the group even tighter.

Reply to #51 shock? 1/13/2021 3:35 PM

To be fair... nobody had anything for Top Jimmy in any LCQ.

Reply to How much money would it take for dungeon to come back to sx 1/6/2021 6:28 AM

I already gave him a dolla.

Reply to Your Dream Factory MX Bike 12/30/2020 6:19 PM

Reply to Future headlines. VITALMX Edition 12/30/2020 6:10 PM

"All new Suzuki 450, 250, 250 2T, and 125 2T announced for 2021 plus new factory SX/MX/MXGP teams in 2022" "AMA and Fled both agree to equal displacement rules effective 2022 seasons. 3 full classes: 125 2T Limited, 250 4T/2T, homologation rules in effect, ... more »

Reply to GASGAS Homologates 125 for 250SX class 12/29/2020 12:49 PM

It gives another option for guys if nothing else.

Reply to What era of racing is your favorite? And least favorite? 12/8/2020 6:52 AM

Late 80's to early 90's. Got to watch RJ, Ward, Lechien, Bradshaw in their prime. Glover, Hannah, O'Mara, Bailey.... Stanton, Keidrowski, Chicken, Larocco, Cooper, Stephenson, Swink, Lamson. The beginning of Mitch's team with Blue Peak Hondas. Guys still ... more »

Reply to Jason Ellis has been fired....there goes MX on Sirius 11/26/2020 6:09 AM

The writing was on the wall a few years ago when they pulled him off Faction and moved him to a high # channel that required an additional subscription level. My guess is they wanted to get rid of him them but needed to finish put his contract. I used ... more »

Reply to 'Splain to Me: Pros Racing Am Events 11/24/2020 5:08 PM

Used to be a normal thing for pros to race off season events. Englishtown, Gatorback, Florida Winter Series, Golden State Nationals.

Reply to Baggett?? 11/18/2020 7:12 AM

I'm sure I'll get blasted and I know it's got less than a 0% chance of happening... but BB4 would be a solid US guy to compete in MXGP.

Reply to Hunter Lawrence signs with A-Stars 11/9/2020 7:51 AM

Pretty cool. I do sorta miss the days of the Hondaline gear though... There was something cool about George Holland and Mickey Dymond in team gear.

Reply to Eli Selling His GT3RS 11/3/2020 4:56 AM

Beautiful car... but for that money, give me a 356.