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Reply to Deals that just didn't happened in the end 4/2/2020 5:13 AM

Ricky Johnson to Hondaline Gear? That's one of those stories you hear about and watched from the sidelines (without social media) and still can't believe. Poster boy for Fox ends up being forced to switch gear brands, ends up with JT and Thor to finish ... more »

Reply to The GREATEST Dirt Bike Movie ever made>>>>>> 4/1/2020 12:43 PM

You mean you don't think Dirt Bike Kid is the greatest of all time?

Reply to Best SX or MX race of all time? 3/31/2020 10:33 AM

Lot of good ones mentioned already... Have to add in Steel City 88 or 89. RJ and Lechien went at it for mostly the entire moto. I was there in person as a kid. I remember Lechien break checking RJ in the S turns pretty good. Had to be 88.

Reply to Deals that just didn't happened in the end 3/31/2020 4:27 AM

And a factory ECU...

Reply to Let’s see your weekend at the races set up 3/25/2020 7:00 AM

Typlcal mini-dad. SMH!

Reply to KX60 2004?? 3/24/2020 11:56 AM

I'm 42 years old and I miss the KX60. Such a great bike and I have so many great memories. My last year on the 60 was 1987. I had a sick TUF racing one that was awesome.

Reply to KTM graphics ideas 3/24/2020 11:52 AM

While the graphic itself isn't my style, I love the teal/black color layout. Really nice work! I think this would look great on grey plastics as well with maybe a tiny amount of orange or yellow accent.

Reply to NASCAR drivers are virtual racing on TV today 3/23/2020 9:06 AM

It was actually pretty cool. The commentary was hilarious and you could tell they were having fun with it. I'd like to see them put these guys into other cars and track types. Maybe have the NASCAR guys drive some SCCA or Indy. Maybe get drivers from ... more »

Reply to Can KTM Skirt AMA’s Homologation Rules with GASGAS? 3/4/2020 7:52 AM

RMATV team with BB4 would be my guess.

Reply to 2022 RedBud MXoN? 3/4/2020 7:47 AM

Go back to Unadilla and leave the grass on the track...

Reply to Most injury-free riders in history? 3/4/2020 7:40 AM

I feel like Jeff Ward and Jeremy McGrath are good answers. I do not remember either of them getting injured though I very well may be wrong.

Reply to New GASGAS pics? 2/28/2020 7:25 AM

Glad to see they've taken the first step by simply getting the name on the track. Will be interesting to see how they choose to develop this brand moving forward. Will it truly be a more value oriented line? My only complaint is it's red. Not because ... more »

Reply to Dungey done with Geico Honda 2/26/2020 5:04 PM

I thought the same thing. Gas Gas brand ambassador.

Reply to Where's Swoll's critic today? 2/26/2020 5:08 AM

Don't feed the troll

Reply to photo caption time 2/25/2020 9:21 AM

Check this out... last night, we went to this thing called The Donkey Show...

Reply to Buell Motocross bike on display at Barber motorcycle mueseum. 2/25/2020 9:19 AM

Pretty cool. I couldn't imagine casing a set of triples on that design though?

Reply to the lack of chest protectors 2/24/2020 7:18 AM

The thing I see missing is quality shoulder protection. The old Fox Roost 2 and the HRP Flak Jak offered excellent shoulder protection. I wore the Fox for many years/crashes with no injuries. Swapped to AXO Pentagon and broke 3 collarbones within 4 years. ... more »

Reply to History of the ama red plate 2/23/2020 6:13 PM

When Camel sponsored Supercross, the defending champion ran a blue plate with yellow #1. Interstingly enough, the blue plate in SX was only ever run on a Honda which is too bad because it would have looked great on a Kawasaki or Suzuki.

Reply to Broc Tickle.... 2/22/2020 6:55 PM

Saw on Twitter he has a broken hand. How does JGR have such shitty luck?

Reply to Moto van gas smell tips? 2/17/2020 7:33 AM

Couple guys I know installed those hitch carriers and placed locked fuel boxes on them. The boxes are secured and locked in place but are removable and they can load and unload over the carrier. They keep their gas in these instead of inside the vehicle. ... more »