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Daytona should be a mandatory east/west event simply because it's unique.

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Do you not think there are deserving riders that would take a ride with TM or Beta and help develop the bike as opposed to going it alone in a privateer effort? Is the TM that far behind Honda and Kawasaki from a retail bike standpoint? Sorry - Quoted ... more »

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With the current landscape of Pro Motocross and Supercross, is it time to figure out how to bring more manufacturers to both the SX ad MX series? We've all read about the potential of Suzuki dropping out. There are several guys struggling for rides that ... more »

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Excellent post and I agree. I can't help feel slighted though... growing up as a kid and watching the US teams of Bailey, Johnson, Ward, Lechien, Hannah, and the like... the tracks they raced were the best of the best... destination tracks and lifetime ... more »

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No chance you want an outdoor event in the middle of the day in Florida in July or August.

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Basically ANY KX 500 from 1988 to 1994... with the exception of maybe 89 and the blue side plates. The KX 500 might be the sexiest bike of all time.

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Back when it was 125/250/500, you had guys drop down to ride the 125 a few times. Jeff Ward in 88 (after riding the 500 in 87), Hannah in 87, Bradshaw 90 (I think).

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About the only change I could see right now is dropping the "open" class and just running 450/250. You could either have 2 riders total (1 each) or 4 riders total (2 each). As much as I hate to say it, dropping to only 2 riders might help improve the ... more »

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Another question that hasn't been asked... who is your energy drink sponsor? I'm going to guess Bang?

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Honda huh? Cool beans! Have you decided on graphics and color scheme yet? How about something along the lines of the 1995 Honda of Troy bikes?

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Agreed 100%

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I think it's a great decision. Just something special about earning a single digit number. If I'm thinking correctly, the winner of the 2020 250 class will most likely be a first time champion, unless JMart wins. So, it's possible we see the 5 or 8 get ... more »

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Just wondering... if Roczen decided he wanted a single digit, would he have been able to change his number this year? Or do you have to make the selection following your championship season? Say, could someone hold out for a certain number to open up and then take it once it becomes available?

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Same here. Locally, we would run a stock bike in the 80 class and our modified bike in the SM class. Zook didn't make a super mini so we just ran what we had. But we also didn't have a supermini class at LL in the early 90's.

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And truth be told, 95% of the regular people (not pros) would be just fine buying a brand new 2008 CFR450. Hell, that's probably more bike than needed if we are being honest. If Suzuki stays the course, they could make a killing by lowering their price ... more »

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89 and 90 RM's were tits!

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Tony D was not paralyzed while racing. He was injured in 1988 well after he was no longer racing professionally. My understanding is that it happened during one of his schools and they were out at dusk and he couldn't see well enough and crashed. Also, ... more »

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Next to last pic, guy in the Zook hat on the right is Tony D!! That was before his injury.

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A better question would be if AC92 gets to train with ET3 at the ranch??