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I agree with the OP that more permanent restroom and other facilities should be on the list for improvements at many tracks. For some, it's just not feasible. However, I'd think many tracks already have a well or access to water that could be tapped ... more »

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Witb some french fried p'taters. Mmmm hmmm.

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Not a scrub, it's a brush.

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She mentions "truck and trailer" followed by "loading up semi". If he's going this alone, why the need for a full semi? Wouldn't it be more cost effective to run smaller truck/trailer combo?

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Put a blue seat on it and BOOM!!

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Kaw - Jeff Ward Hon - Ricky Johnson Suz - Tony D Yam - Damon Bradshaw KTM - Steve Crowe

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Before Bradshaw Blvd., High Point had the Iron City Double (later triple). Steel City had "The Pit" which was a big double. The Drop at Gatorback

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Ugliest stuff I ever wore? AXO Mission Control purple pants. Man, I have no idea what I was thinking back then but I know I wore the crap out of them and though they were awesome. Now it just looks like someone lefth multiple batches on some otherwise ... more »

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What about possibly building bikes from factory options? Pick your frame size, engine size, accessories... maybe there are 3 or 4 different frame sizes/heights that you can put a 125, 250, 350, or 450 engine into. Choose the suspension components you ... more »

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Yellow and green Zooks? I could go for that!

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You weren't talking to me but I raced Aquasco and Wytheville a few times. Never heard of White Oak though.

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I understand what you are saying but why not? If they wanted, they could release a number of red KTM's with Gas Gas badging in the US simply to meet the rules. Didn't they do similar for the first year Husky before starting separate development? Maybe ... more »

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I thought I read somewhere that GG was shooting for 2020 MX. I wonder if that is true. Might be an opportunity for Tickle if he looks good in his return to SX.

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Broc Glover was trying to teach everyone in the 80's...

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I thought the same when I saw this on Facebook and was like WTF??

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Used to be Steel City by a long shot. Sigh...

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1977 Honda XL75 with no lights or signals. About a year later my parents decided to let me start racing and got me a 1984 KX60.

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3 is 1 more than most expected them to have and 3 more than if the team went away completely.

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I know Reed Tweets about the Australian V8 Supercars series quite often. That's a pretty big thing from what I understand. Would be neat to see him head that way. Anther option might be to follow Jeff Ward into Indy Racing? NASCAR isn't the only major ... more »

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Will be interesting to see if they allow other CBD sponsors for riders and teams. It's okay for different energy drinks... what I don't remember is if Chad Reed was allowed to run logos for the camera or not. I do know they wouldn't let him run the actual ... more »