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I'm sure I'll get blasted and I know it's got less than a 0% chance of happening... but BB4 would be a solid US guy to compete in MXGP.

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Pretty cool. I do sorta miss the days of the Hondaline gear though... There was something cool about George Holland and Mickey Dymond in team gear.

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I got my leg caught in a competitor's swingarm in a first turn crash at Gatorback in 89ish. Between the tire and the plastic shock guard on 80's. It's just one of those things that happens. Thankfully, I wasn't injured but they had to let the air out of his wheel and he raced the restarted race with a flat rear tire.

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Beautiful car... but for that money, give me a 356.

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My picks for top 10 this season: 1. Cianciarulo 2. Tomac 3. Webb 4. Barcia 5. Roczen 6. Ferrandis 7. Stewart 8. Musquin 9. Osborne 10 a. Anstie 10 b. Savatgy

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If we're talking great starters, Vince Friese needs a mention.

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I wouldn't cut into the bench for a sink as you lose workbench area. If possible, maybe have a sink area on the side opposite of your toolbox? See if you can find some half depth storage that fits under the bench. You will want space for your feet underneath ... more »

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So you didn't buy directly from Race Tech but it's their fault that another company mistakenly added the 10% instead of removing it... AND THEN they admitted their mistake and fixed it? Right.

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So DF keeps the 14. Interesting.

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Coors Light is decent. It's one of the more drinkable beers. As I get older, I seem to be gravitating away from heavier beers. I used to love Guinness, Amber Boch, Black and Tans, etc. but now I only drink Michelob Ultra or Corona Premier... and that's ... more »

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While I get the argument about profits and not wanting to discount your "premier" bike, what if 450cc isn't the optimal size for the sport? Yamaha was at the forefront of modern 4 stroke development. Maybe they should look at smaller displacement as ... more »

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I want to see the Ricky Johnson blue/red gear from 87

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Davey Yezek and Shane Lawson were 2 guys I looked up to... Then several who I raced against weekly like Josh Sweat, Jarrett Tipping, Richie and Robbie Horton, JD Collins, Robbie Skaggs....

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They raced some Endurocross...

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Grew up racing there. One of my absolute favorite tracks. How cool would it be to lay just put out banners and run it as it sits without ripping it up?

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I say don't rip them at all. Pack them a few weeks before and let the grass grow. Then just send the guys out and let the track do it's thing. Old school Unadilla style.

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"Guest rider" is interesting terminology

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That's what she said... It is good looking though. I love seeing stuff like this.

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The TUF bikes in the late 80's and early 90's (Bowen/Tichenor/Lechien) were pretty badass