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If you can only attend one national... you have to attend Red Bud. Unadilla, Budds Creek, and High Point would be my next 3 followed by Southwick.

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That all white golf bag is sick! Screams player!!

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I might be wrong, but I think the sawdust thing started with Honda Hills in Ohio. At least for me that was the first track I remember using it. Then it seemed like everyone started doing it around 89/90.

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I think the issue has more to do with only 2 classes. There needs to be an "entry" class you are required to race for 2 years minimum. Then you can move to the 250 class with the existing rules and eventually 450. I'd like to see the entry class be 125's but whatever works.

Hell, make the entry class a regional class both indoors and out. That would limit costs and if needed, they could have additional events in the region opposite of the main events. Say, when the pro MX is at Washougal, maybe they have an event at Monster Mountain for the 125 entry class along with possible "pro" classes of 250 and 450 for privateers who can't afford the travel out west. It could be a minor league series for guys to continue to gain experience and be more prepared when the tour comes back closer to home.

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One jump, two jumps, who gives a shit?

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Doesn't the FIM make some sort of protection mandatory?

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Something I don't understand is why there really are not more offerings like the old Fox Roost 2. The shoulder cup on that (and the HRP) seemed to really save lots of collarbones. The closed cell impact reduction doesn't seem to be as effective IMO. ... more »

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They look fine to me... except maybe the yellow fork guards. Those are a bit distracting but wouldn't stop me from buying one.

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Red Bull seems to me to have really marketed themselves as more than just an energy drink brand... they've evolved into more of a lifestyle brand synonymous with extreme/adventure sports. The fact that they highly control their logos increases the appeal ... more »

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I'm sure it's higher than this in other areas but in po-dunk south Georgia... 2 movie tickets to Avengers: Endgame $50 1 large popcorn, 2 large sodas: $21 Just sayin'

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I don't see any issues with it and there are several NASCAR guys who started in MX. That said... I can see races moving to NASCAR tracks and having double or triple header events somehow.

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Kawi needs a support team at the 450 level. Would love to see a team of Davalos, Bowers, and Grant for outdoors.

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I think next to last if Tomac wins.

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Welcome and good luck. I for one think your designs are great. I'd suggest that the reason many companies look similar to Seven or TLD is because that is what people want and ask for. Clean designs with pops of color... exactly what you have done. You ... more »

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I don't mean the rules as they are... I mean with regards to racing quality, safety, and fun factor. I strongly believe the 125 class was better along with it being a better stepping stone option from mini-bikes into big bikes. Don't get me wrong, 250F's ... more »

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The answer to your question is literally in the thread title.

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That's interesting. Seems like the NASCAR business model... doesn't matter where you finish as long as you get on TV and get the name seen. That said, if they were to have a big $$$ sponsor come along that wanted to win title, I have a feeling they would ... more »

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I saw the Facebook thing as well and went to check them out. They have some of the better looking stuff right now (IMO).

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It almost seems as if we need another class like in the old days (125, 250, 500 all on the same day). Too many top riders for not enough spots. But then the costs go up even more to field additional bikes. If only there were a way to decrease the costs ... more »

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You just can't convince me that 250F's are a better option than 125's. That bike looks and sounds amazing!!