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High Point has the history... Steel City is a better track for spectator viewing. I'd hate to see either of them get cut.

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It will get better. I'd suggest adding sawdust. A couple of tracks in Ohio and PA did that back in the day and they made for outstanding soil (Honda Hills in OH and Pleasure Valley in PA to name 2). The tracks held uyp to rain and dry very well, got ... more »

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I know they are putting a jump at the bottom, but wouldn't it be cool to just leave the drop-off? Maybe flatten it out a bit but a 10 foot (or wahtever) drop-off is a good MX thing.

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Um wow... that's a bit harsh isn't it? You posted and he offered up his thoughts. Now you want to tell him to F off and call him a dick? That's kind of a dick move in itself bro. If you wern't looking for responses, maybe you shouldn't have posted in ... more »

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What about Ricky Johnson at the Carlsbad USGP (I think) when CBS aired the moto live... 85 or 86 I think. He ade a coment about it on his VHS tape and stated something to the effect it ruined MX on TV in the states because it was so boring to watch him ... more »

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Just an amazingly great video... the story at the end about the kid in the C class, an out of date bike, and doing whatever it took to get those parts for him brought tears to my eyes. I haven't been on a bike since 1996, but they are right. Racing at LL was a dream come true... and I look back on those years as some of my favorite memories. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

0 0 0

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JS7 - Red, but not a Honda... New Husky US Headquarters... JS7 is the new flagship rider for Husky on a brand new raceteam in the USA!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ! ! !

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1987 - Unadilla. Mud + Johnson + Ward + Hannah + being considered underdogs in the conditions even on our home turf + TV coverage in the USA.

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At the Mini-O's one year I actually pulled the holeshot in the Grand Prix event on the last day. Was leading the first lap ahead of Windham, Reynard, and some other really, really fast guys. When we got to the woods section, I missed the turn into the ... more »

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Down here we call that the "scum stach"... These guys are just useless pieces of garbage. They will most likely live off the system for the rest of their lives. Hopefully they go to prison and become someone's bitch.

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Here is a pic of his bike from that year...

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No way! Those chicks in the first pic are hot and wearing sexy outfits. I hope he had some fun with them!!

Randy baby, yeah!!
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That's an awesome story! Thank you for sharing.

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More info from Shane... Number 12s on them, the 150 four stroke has no rear brake pedal, but has two levers on the clutch lever side. With 85cc two strokes of 2004-07 so rare hit me up if you see anything

thanks! !
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This is from Shane Lusk's Facebook page. If you're in the south GA, south AL, or north FL areas, please keep your eyes out. I asked him if any had stickers or numbers to help identify as these fools down here aren't smart enough to remove those things... ... more »

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What was Malcolm Stewart doing there?

(black #139 in middle... it's a joke peeps)
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RJ was covering up a hickey.

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I haven't been to a pro race since the mid-90's but my favorites back then were: 1. Uphill triple at High Point. I remember myself and Heikki Yeager jumping it on 80's and the other guys thought we were crazy because we'd case it every 3rd or 4th time.

... more »
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Well this should be interesting. Considering they were talking about a ramp jump... would a large ramp jump be "safe" for the smaller bikes? I guess it would but there would be no room for error... that, or they would have to divert these guys around ... more »