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Tony D was not paralyzed while racing. He was injured in 1988 well after he was no longer racing professionally. My understanding is that it happened during one of his schools and they were out at dusk and he couldn't see well enough and crashed. Also, ... more »

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Next to last pic, guy in the Zook hat on the right is Tony D!! That was before his injury.

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A better question would be if AC92 gets to train with ET3 at the ranch??

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They aren't Bradshaw and Chicken, I think it will be fine.

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I agree with this. Go with 9 IMO.

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Ernie Irvan did it... just sayin. Hate this for him. Truly one of the good guys. He busted his ass and worked his way up from the bottom and earned a factory ride. This just plain sucks.

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Does it have stake pockets? If so, they make these: Have these on my GMC and they work great. No need to drill into the bed and create a possible rust point. Plus, these are removable. ... more »

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Whatever JS17 does, I hope it happens quickly. I think he would be just fine on a Zook. It's not like RC4 wouldn't be able to help get that bike dialed in for him. Will be interesting to see what he ends up on IF he doesn't have something in place before ... more »

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By blue, what he meant was TM. Reed is planning to bring Factory TM to the states next year and word is JS17 will be joining him.

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Seems like some pretty big changes to the layout this year. The start is different and they took out the big uphill, elevator type jump. They actually only go on top once it looks like. Anyone have any insight as to why they made these changes?

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Wouldn't it be something if he became Roczen's teammate for 2020?

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You owned a Hi-Point trailer

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I miss the days of 4 and 5 man teams. Watching the 1990 Daytona SX, Honda had Stanton, Bayle, and Keidrowski on the podium. They also had Rick Johnson and Eric Kehoe on the team. Kawasaki had Jeff Ward, Jeff Matiasevich, Johnny O'Mara, and Mike Fisher. ... more »

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No votes for the Roost Boost?

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You must be new here. LOL Glad your dad is okay. Could have been much worse.

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I'm waiting for someone to start a Tomac 250 2 stroke thread.

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I have the Predator and it's been great. 3 years with zero issues. As long as you follow the maintenance schedule, use non-ethanol fuel OR ethanol treatment (as directed), and run the gas out of the carb each use by shutting off the fuel petcock and ... more »

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Wrangler and Dickies FTW!

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Really wish they'd hang on to Savatgy a second year. Kid has busted his ass for them and he deserves it IMO. That said, I hope he gets the HRC ride.

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Amazing how people want to poo poo different ideas. What's the harm in trying something different? I seem to remember when people were skeptical of straight rhythm and we see how that has done. If the track is in fact "easier", maybe we won't see top ... more »