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They don't have to race. They could just stay home and work a different deal out with their sponsors.

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It was a great first time event that (if continued) will evolve and improve. Straight Rhythm wasn't perfect in its first year. I mean, did anyone really expect Glover to be competitive against guys like Pastrana, Alessi, and RV? To me, it was cool putting ... more »

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On a serious note... can we send tape to the powers that be and get the 2 stroke cc limit raised to 350 or whatever Sipes was running? I'd say it was plainly obvious his bikes were evenly matched... just a different type of power.

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He ran #135. I remember that because that was my number. DC put that photo on the cover of The Racing Paper. Good times!

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It looks like a Ferrari (or similar) had sex with a Honda Ridgeline and out popped this thing.

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Good discussion. Who said we had to use the factory test tracks? What about practice facilities like SOB, MTF, Moto-X Compound, Baker's Factory and similar. I mention those because those are the ones I know about, but there must be others. Some of those ... more »

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Why do they have to have a stadium infrastructure? Outdoor MX is done without a stadium. All they need are tracks and places to put cameras. This is why I feel like existing SX tracks (practice facilities) could be an option if they are most concerned ... more »

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Guy B and Roger Decoster?

Started new thread If they have to race SX without fans... 5/5/2020 4:51 AM

Trying to think outside the box (stadium?) here... Why not just use the different practice facilities? Without fans in the seats, stadiums will lose out big time. Would it make sense to run events at different practice facilities instead? Perhaps limit ... more »

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So many "that's what she said" opportunities...

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There are several tracks I'd love to hit that I never got to... Mammoth and Unadilla are at the top of that list. One track I did when I was on 60's and 80's was Diamondback in Cocoa Beach during the winter series. I'd love to of been older on 80's or ... more »

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That 784 guy... only saw him race once. Anyone know what happened to him? He was pretty fast.

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Boot life greatly decreases if you send them to localriders for cleaning... not speaking from experience but I know a fella

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Bar width directly correlated to the size of your balls. The bigger your balls, the wider your bars. Might explain a few things.

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Matt Walker on a Honda in 98 and 2000-01. I honestly never remember him on a Honda. Can't seem to find any photos either.

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Didn't Ron Lechien punch Ricky Johnson in the pits one year?

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I'll give ya 2... First... racing 60's at New Castle, PA, I was winning the first moto and on the last lap, I was "showboating" over a few jumps before the finish. I say that with quotes because all I could really do was turn my front wheel. Anyways, ... more »

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He's posted all about it on Instagram including timelines, charts, and what he used to get over it. It's actually a very good, well done account of his experience.

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Ricky Johnson to Hondaline Gear? That's one of those stories you hear about and watched from the sidelines (without social media) and still can't believe. Poster boy for Fox ends up being forced to switch gear brands, ends up with JT and Thor to finish ... more »