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I was curious about Beta because I remember them being interested in 2022 AMA MX. I was hoping for a last minute announcement with Anste. I'm hopefully we see both Beat and Triumph in 2023.

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Building modern 2 strokes isn't a magic bullet for Suzuki or any other manufacturer.

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The Peacock live feed died before the 450 main (for me). I switched over to the NBC feed on Hulu so I don't know if it came back. That might be the issue?

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It would be cool but I feel like he'd be behind with the training. I'm sure the Dungey deal has been in the works for a bit and he's been getting ready.

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Can he race 250? Maybe outdoors on a 250 for KTM?

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I hope he does more than just the first 2. Mostly because IMO those are my 2 least favorite tracks on the schedule. If you're coming to race only 2 select events, you'd have to think Red Bud, Unadilla, High Point, Washougal, Buddy Creek, Southwick, Spring ... more »

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Bayle (IMO) was what Lehien would have been had he set his mind to it (does that make sense?). So smooth he looked slow. Stanton and Bradshaw just blitzed everything and looked fast. Musquin is another guy that is super smooth and "looks" slow. Herlings ... more »

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Would be interesting to see the current 450's on a track like the old LA Colesium in the days of RJ and Bailey. That said, I think 250s are plenty for indoors. Have the premier class be 250 (4T or 2T) and have the regional class limited modification ... more »

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It's nice to see a Kawi without a claw. I respect amd appreciate their support of the sport but it's just everywhere...

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Bring back white and red Yamahas. Someone had to say it.

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All depends on what you mean by sketchy... Glassport PA after it closed and we used to practice there was basically riding on concrete with blue grooves and square edge holes. Diamondback in Coaco Beach during the winter series was a beast on 80's. Some ... more »

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I remember when Gatorback was held the weekend before Bike Week and then Daytona. With Daytona being a unique event anyways, I wish we could go back to that. I know teams prefer keeping the series separate but there has to be a way to get the series ... more »

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*Carlsbad has entered the chat

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So... will the rest of the family be on Yamaha as well or no?

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Ward, Bailey, Hannah, Glover, Lachine, Guy Cooper, Dymond

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Added reply in a thread I think if there’s anything here that we could all agree on it would be that the racing all summer long was pretty good with minimal “boring” rounds. Also if we keep seeing season like this it will really help with the growth of the sport 9/12/2021 5:09 AM

One time, I went to the park and there was another kid there and then I played on the monkey bars and then mom said we had to go but I didn't want to so I went to the castle and climbed the side and mom was so mad but she saw a friend and started talking ... more »

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Glassport, PA when it was just a practice track. Rock hard with square edge holes all over since it was no longer maintained. Pyramid Valley in WV could get pretty sketchy during the week as well.

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Not to discount anything but imagine if this had happened to DF14 instead... the points battle would be completely different. Seems like these issues are happening to AP and not DF for some strange reason. (Tin foil hat time)

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So if you're Triumph, you have a clean slate to start with. I think they take each existing bike and determine the pros/cons. To me... the biggest decision will be weather to go with a steel or aluminum frame. Personally, I'd start by mimicking KTM steel ... more »