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You just can't convince me that 250F's are a better option than 125's. That bike looks and sounds amazing!!

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Other fast D5 guys who raced RM 125s... Davey Yezek, Josh Sweat, Gene Stull, Stevie Crowe, Mike McDonald

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Any possibility of a Kawi satellite team? I really think they have to keep JS17 but they should also hold on to AC92. If ET3 stays, that might be their only option unless they decide to field a 3 man team.

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Were CZ's the closest thing to a Russian motocross bike? I find it interesting that with all they did on their own, behind the curtain, they never developed their own bikes.

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So the MM25 thing to Honda is an interesting thought. I could see him no liking being 2nd fiddle at KTM to Webb. He seemed to get along nicely with KR94 previously. Is it possible Honda runs a 3 man team with KR94, MM25,and AC92? Or even add a 2 man ... more »

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I see on here quite often how people refer to the Yamaha 450 as a fat pig, etc... we don't see the same results from them as we do KTM and Kawi. However, the 250's seem to be very good bikes with top guys contending each week. What's the difference? ... more »

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Team issue bro! I'm sure someone will sell you some on ebay for about tree-fiddy.

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Shock smoke? Really? It looked more like a rotator exhaust bearing to me.

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I'm all for it! Heck, if these guy want to complain about difficult whoops, then give them a "safer/slower" option... like a series of flat, hard packed S turns.. and let them decide what to do. I'd suggest we wouldn't need the turns after 1 round.

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I know they need time for track maintenance, but I would much prefer to get rid of the "fluff" stuff. If they need filler, maybe show the KTM juniors or Futures stuff from previous weeks? But less time between the races would be great for a shorter overall ... more »

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I'm wondering the same thing??

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I don't watch the regular broadcast because I purchased the Gold package. It would be interesting to see those numbers.

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I'm in the if you earned a spot, you get to stay camp. It wouldn't be hard to convince me to black flag a rider who fails to meet minimum speed or lap time over a set # of laps... get rid of the roll around guys.

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That's great and all but until they allow the riders to sell merchandise at the events, you won't see these benefits realized.

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I respectfully disagree with your opinion. I thought it was the best track of the year.

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Hopefully this link works... Head over to and browse the golf rain jackets on sale/clearance. Lots of options that are colorful and breathable and you can get bigger sizes to help fit over any extra gear. Use the filter to just see "rain jackets" ... more »

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Holy neon!! Love it! Great job!!

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Does it work on boots?

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James Stewart!! Can't believe nobody has said that yet!!! Bunch of slackers.