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New thread Vented number plates were cool! 10/29/2020 10:49 PM

I wish this trend would make a comeback. It was so factory years ago!

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New thread Post those roadies 4/26/2020 6:46 PM

In honor of the MTB thread which is drool worthy. Anyone have a sweet road bike to show off. I always enjoy seeing what others have. Mine pictured: Giant TCR Advanced 2

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New thread ICW radiator repair 3/6/2020 9:09 AM

So I wanted to take a minute to give a shout out for exceptional work and customer service. On Monday I sent my radiators off for repair (they were mangled pretty bad) they arrived Wed. Wed evening they were fixed and on the way back to me. I had never ... more »

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New thread 2018 CRF 250r IMS oversized fuel tank 11/6/2019 2:29 PM

Selling my IMS oversized fuel tank. Used 1 season. Includes all mounting hardware for install. Asking $100 OBO.

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New thread Enclosed trailer build with details and pics 2/14/2019 3:21 PM

Soooo. I got back into racing in the last year after purchasing my son a PW and my wife bought me a new CRF. We started going to the races and quickly realized with 3 kids and all the necessities it was time for a trailer. After much research the following

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New thread Smoke after rebuild 1/28/2019 4:06 PM

Just had my bike rebuilt, new piston, rings, valves, cam chain and tensioner. All gaskets replaced. All parts OEM except wiseco piston rings and wrist pin. 2 heat cycles were performed at the shop and I did another at home. After cooling I started it ... more »

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New thread My sons first race! 11/11/2018 4:48 PM

So, last Christmas I bought my son his first dirtbike. Well today we finally let him race. He had a blast. Right after pulling off the trail he asked when he could race again. I'll admit I'm one proud dad this evening.

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New thread 2018 Crf250r metal shavings in oil filter 8/29/2018 1:11 PM

42 hrs on bike, oil and filter changed every 3-4 hrs. Replaced the clutch and basket early on due to failure concerns. Has rekluse basked and radius in. Ride mostly trails and occasional mx. My last oil change I noticed small metal shavings in the oil ... more »

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New thread 2018 crf250r sprocket compatibility. 7/1/2018 5:55 PM

Looking on RM for a chain and sprocket combo for my bike. They do not list the 2018 for any available combo's. Do the 2017 sprockets match the 2018. I know chain and rear match (same fit, not same number of teeth) but unsure about front.

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New thread 18 CRF 250r oil in air box 5/29/2018 1:05 PM

Went riding Monday, wrecked down a creek embankment. The bike was upside down on a culvert. It took quite some time to get it out. Once out it was on its side not running for a few minutes. Today when replacing my filter I noticed quite a bit of motor ... more »

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New thread Red Fox National Enduro 4/17/2018 7:15 AM

I had the privilege of working traffic/ security for the national enduro Sunday. I have to give props to the event organizers as well as the riders. Everyone was extremely courteous to our small community and it was a pleasure for us to host this event.

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New thread 2018 crf250r hydraulic clutch? 4/6/2018 12:41 PM

I have looked and researched as well as I know how to do (I'm not tech savvy). I have sent emails with no response, and called and left voice messages. Still no replies. Does ANYONE know of a hydraulic clutch conversion for this bike. Or the part number? ... more »

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New thread Frame repair help 3/6/2018 6:53 AM

My friend and I were riding singletrack the other day. He lost his balance in a rut and whiskey throttled into a large tree. The damage is on the motor cradle. Is there anywhere he can send the frame to and get it repaired. A new frame is a ton of money.

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New thread Number backgrounds 2/12/2018 5:46 AM

Is there a company that prints number backgrounds into or onto the plastic? My new Honda has the graphics printed (into/ onto)? The shrouds. I would like something like that due to them staying on better than the standard sticker. I'm probably wishing ... more »

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New thread 18 CRF250R Price 1/23/2018 9:36 AM

Question for anyone who has purchased one or looked into one. What was your OTD price. Looking to purchase in the next couple weeks and wanting to know what to expect. Also any dealers better in the Midwest price wise. I live in southern Indiana but ... more »

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