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Reply to LIV Golf vs PGA....Feld vs World SX 6/15/2022 1:52 PM

Dustin Johnson is literally still a top 20 ranked player in the world... lol has been.

Reply to Hidden drone footage of Dungey at the test track? 5/7/2022 12:04 PM

underrated reply

Reply to Will Webb be docked a position 1/30/2022 7:27 AM

If I'm Webb, I'd be more worried about the performance of my bike for the next race than I am of losing 1 position for cutting out the whoops. That KTM isn't turning at all and it looks like Ando's Kawi in the heat race the entire main.

Reply to Marv 4/27/2021 5:58 AM

Rather wear a neck brace on the track with a little discomfort, than wear one like I am now sitting on my couch until July16...

Reply to Atlanta 3 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 4/17/2021 7:44 PM

I used to root for Carmichael. Now I pull for Tomac. I now understand how Reed fans must have felt back in the day. That had to have sucked. My only takeaway from tonight. Carry on with the slap fest.

Reply to game over KR 4/17/2021 7:12 PM

If Kenny hadn't rolled over on the last lap he probably could have capitalized on coops bobble.. but he had settled at that point and wasn't close enough. Coop is a damn stud.

Reply to Atlanta 3 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 4/17/2021 6:34 PM

Looks like Mitch knew what he was doing when he dropped marchbanks and signed McAdoo....

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What a dumb fuck.

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3 wins, 3 seconds, and a top 5... If I'm Ken I'm feeling good about how things are going.

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I'm on the western side of the state. 30 min north of Evansville. We have Echo valley, Lincoln trail, highfly all within 2 hrs of me. Prob a bit longer for you. As others have said haspin is probably the closest. But it's a public riding park sooo who ... more »

Reply to What is the best bike for me (motocross) 2/9/2021 11:35 AM

I just popped in to make sure someone had posted this.

Reply to What rider will be hated the next race? 2/6/2021 10:11 PM

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Reply to Passing Barcia 2/3/2021 8:23 AM

If Barscia could ride as fast the entire race as he does when trying to block or retaliate for a pass he'd probably have a 450 championship to his name by now.

Reply to New Roczen 2/3/2021 4:44 AM

In 5 races he has 2 wins. Likely has a 3rd if not for Deano, and wasn't far behind Bam Bam the first race of the season. He's put himself in positions to get race wins. Definitely in the drivers seat at this point.

Reply to What rider will be hated the next race? 2/3/2021 4:28 AM

He seems to be involved in some sort of on track drama nearly every race.

Reply to Intrust Bank Arena Wall Art 2/2/2021 12:20 PM

Guy in opposite line: " did this MF just take a picture of me"

Reply to How many times? 2/2/2021 12:17 PM

If I had 1/10 the race wins as RC I'd walk around wearing shirts of me holding race win trophies everywhere I went.. if the dude wants to be called the GOAT he's the GD goat.

Reply to What rider will be hated the next race? 2/1/2021 8:27 AM

We have an ongoing joke among my group of friends. Every time there is an incident that wasn't caught on camera and they show the aftermath, we all collectively say "that f*€#ing Vince Friese again".

were right more times than we should be.. ... more »
Reply to Mosiman 1/31/2021 9:54 AM

I thought his heat race payback was fair. Jett earned that. I definitely cringed when I heard his heat race interview. Sometimes people say stupid things when emotions are high.