Added reply in a thread Does Baggett get penalised? 3/1/2020 8:08 AM

Should he? No. When the main group lapped him at the end, I expected a little extra pepper from him and the #3. I'm sure Eli is glad they gapped Blake in a hurry. I'm sure he was still hot at that moment.

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Damn this makes me feel like an old squid, but I don't feel like I ever push past my comfort zone in practice or a race. I can usually tell on track walk what jumps I can send, and what ones are rollers. And I race pretty much the same dudes for years ... more »

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Don't forget lime....

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You are so weak minded that someone's political leanings made you so upset that you said you are glad their career was ended early.

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450 makes me tired easily. Sometimes I struggle to get over the monster jumps on my 250 but I remind myself in 33 years old and won't be getting a pro contract anytime soon so I just roll it and enjoy my health.

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7 points behind first halfway through the season. Yep. He sucks time to write him off.

Added reply in a thread Counted many riders almost endo off the dragons back.. 2/23/2020 6:09 PM

93 main event laps and how many laps in practices done by how many riders? Only a few wad the,selves up.

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Lol you dip shits never cease to amaze me. Riders involved: good clean racing Vital: so dirty, cross jump, dangerous, rabble rabble rabble... You guys would argue that the sky wasn't blue if you thought it would make your favorite rider win the race. ... more »

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I'm the fastest at 32 that I've ever been. 2 years ago I wasn't in the same zip code as the top guys. Now when I'm off the box I'm pissed, For me it was learning better technique and gaining comfort.

Added reply in a thread Brandon's first supercross? 2/17/2020 1:19 PM

At the AX series I race they have cattle gates on the back sides of the berms to stop people. This weekend some goon lost it in the whoops, plowed the gate down (bent it like a taco), and hit a wall. Just makes it more impressive that the nets stop the ... more »

Added reply in a thread Gaerne SG12 or Alpinestars Tech-10 ? 2/17/2020 11:27 AM

I've had A few hundred hrs on a pair of tech 10s and countless hours wearing them all day at the track with zero reliability issues. I also have a pair of sg12's that ripped on the inside seam at around 20 hrs. But had another pair with A few hundred ... more »

Added reply in a thread What bike should my old, fat a** buy? 2/17/2020 9:19 AM

Obvious joke because you said old fat ass. I'm similar to you. 32 been out for some time. Wanted a bike to race so my son would want to also. I'm a bit smaller so I went 250f. Is nice not worrying about the power reaching up biting me. If I ... more »
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I previously had 12's which felt loose and had a ton of flex after initial break in. My new tech 10s were a pain in the ass to brake in. Like I almost sold them because they hurt my feet. One day I took a shower in them and wore them for 4-5 hrs doing ... more »

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Rocked a 92 point night last night 1-3 and the wildcard.

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At an angle front tire towards drivers side. But the most important part is putting my hand on the seat, giving it a shake, and saying that isn't going anywhere. Without this step I don't know if it would stay in the truck....

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LOL I have pictured this every podium appearance which has been a lot.

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I have an 18 and have the same markings.

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I don't know what's worse. The the pussies who continue to boo ferrandis for winning, or the pussies who whine about the people booing him still.

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Reminds me of 05 I think. Got a guy on a green bike that's lightning fast. Got a legend riding a honda about to retire. Has a reigning champ with a chip on his shoulder with tons of attitude and heart. And a guy who had some injury/ illness the prior ... more »

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That's not his middle finger. Time to up the prescription on your whiskey glasses.