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Great choice. We ordered the Salem FSX version of that. 280RT I believe.

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I rode at a friends house. Put my little man on his sons KTM mini for the first time. Now i'm buying a KTM mini. What a dumb decision.

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The reason to this day I still own hondas. Honorable mention. ... more »
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So my big question from this thread was did he owe ML's father money or not. Oh and never fight a guy wearing a helmet. Unless you are a submission expert you are losing that fight.

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My son wants to be decked out in A-stars gear because his idol Tomac. If there were a Kawasaki PW 50 you had better believe we would have to have one in the garage. To this day I still ride Honda because of the GOAT in the woody honda days. There is ... more »

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I dont know that I would know what to do with something like that. Last year I upgraded to a Giant TCR advanced pro and about had a heart attack writing that check. I can't imagine spending 4x as much..

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If you are budget conscious get a Pinarello Dogma F12. Affordable and a decent starter bike.

Jokes aside, a good seat and pair of shoes is always a must for me.
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Ive been thinking about skipping the KTM mini stage and throwing my little guy on the SX. My decision is based off not wanting to buy 2 bikes and has nothing to do with corona.

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My hindsight is 20/20 so I'm going to say no.

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Monste.... errr Red Bull the best energy drink there is.

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So I wanted to take a minute to give a shout out for exceptional work and customer service. On Monday I sent my radiators off for repair (they were mangled pretty bad) they arrived Wed. Wed evening they were fixed and on the way back to me. I had never ... more »

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I don't even have a Kawi currently, but there is a good chance this will be my next bike. I love this thread because it's filled with ideas and allows me to research the bike. I wish more models had this type of thread.

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The boo'ing would make what DF got look like child's play.

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Meanwhile: Ken texting Eli: dude WTF is up with 51. Nickname bam bam but is more like a b!t&h b!t&h. Ken texting Barcia: damn dude Eli is riding dirty. Total BS how he has been passing these last few races. Ken at home:

... more »
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"Have you ever passed anyone without bumping them?" 51, "this year, yes"

... more »
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I'd say all these guys are tired of hearing over and over about ET3 being the fastest guy, odds on favorite for the title, etc. Watching the races many of them seem to put some extra pepper in their riding when he is around. It's a tight points season ... more »

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Tomac mistakes: Bad start- why he doesn't line up on the inside every race still boggles me. Rushed pass on Blake- probably because he was trying to get away from playing bumper cars with 51 Finished 4th. I'd say he limited the damage pretty well all ... more »

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Should he? No. When the main group lapped him at the end, I expected a little extra pepper from him and the #3. I'm sure Eli is glad they gapped Blake in a hurry. I'm sure he was still hot at that moment.

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Damn this makes me feel like an old squid, but I don't feel like I ever push past my comfort zone in practice or a race. I can usually tell on track walk what jumps I can send, and what ones are rollers. And I race pretty much the same dudes for years ... more »