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I may be in the minority, but I think it would be cool to see the pros race the same LL track from the amateur race. You could watch the kids race and then the pros and watch them murder the track.

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Posted in another thread, but ET solved that woodpecker problem yesterday...,

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Eli used to have a woodpecker problem..

But after today he might have solved it....
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News next week: Covid cases spike, we opened to soon...

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I was thinking this was similar to when we brought home our baby as well. I know there is a great thing there, but the doctors told me I couldn't use it for a few months. Once released, It was kind of like I remembered it. A little different, but still

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This. Usually more entertaining than the pro/ money class. Also +1 on c quad. Just pick out the guy in blue jeans, work boots, clear chest protector from the 90's, and HJC helmet with the visor low or broke off. That's the guy you want to watch. 100% ... more »

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Down voted every post but the DD ones. Because well.. yea.

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Head scratcher for sure bro.

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Look at Home Depot and lowes workers as the barometer of opening. Every time I drive by the parking lots are full. Tons of people from all walks of life congregating in 1 place. The workers are exposed to hundreds of people daily. If they aren't losi ... more »

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Looks similar. But WTF were you looking for when you found that?! Lol

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Search the used market if you are giving it a try. There are a ton of deals where people buy and just don't ride, or others that upgrade when they get hooked. I would try to stay Shimano 105 or higher group set. I think SRAM's version is the Rival? Other ... more »

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Holy! One dude did 487 km last WEEK! I struggle to get that in a month...

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In honor of the MTB thread which is drool worthy. Anyone have a sweet road bike to show off. I always enjoy seeing what others have. Mine pictured: Giant TCR Advanced 2

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Without fans in the stands how am I supposed to hear the crowd cheering and know that NBC missed some great racing action when Ralph is talking about Marvin's cats?

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This. Most of us just going to work, raising our families, living our best life. Could lean left or right and you would never know.

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I've been drooling over new MTB's for months, this thread isn't helping. But dear lord are they expensive.

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I have the same bike OP. And kicked around the idea of selling and getting a freshie. I ultimately decided to invest in suspension (FC) and freshening it up. I loved how it handled and was riding well on it. i was happy with it before, I'm ecstatic now. ... more »

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It first I was all "wouldn't the fork guards give it away" then I was all "oh never mind"

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People who apparently don't race complain and try to justify why their viewpoint of an incident is different (and correct) from the actual riders involved.

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I forgot about the Alessi incident. If that happened to a title contender these days the instigator would be crucified.