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Go big or go home son... Just make sure and send it

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Good stuff. I've always loved RC. Interesting to see the games within the race from the pros perspective.

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Tomac could have Osborned, Dungey if he wanted to. Anyone who thinks EVERY pro out there isn't capable of successfully putting someone in the dirt is an idiot. He played a tactical but not overly dirty strategy. It just didn't work for him in the end. ... more »

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A first turn incident where Tomac and Rd have to charge through the pack together. And a good battle at the end. I think the ship is pretty much wrapped up so I just want an exciting race that I will remember.

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If I were Tomac I'd forget to turn left off the start. Try to cause a big pile up and hope for a mechanical. That's the only way he has a chance.

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Marv checked up earlier in the year also and gave RD 2pts also. Could be a 4pt battle to the last round. Amazing it's even this close with Tomac's issues.

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Yes it's to late, no he won't, no he can't, and no I don't care.

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In the heat I think MM had RD's number and slowed a bit to save the spot for RD. But in the main RD was putting in a championship saving ride and turned it up a bit. I think MM just couldn't hang with his pace. Riders can have good nights and bad nights ... more »

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Wow! This thing is looking good!

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You never know when the exhaust fluid might run low also...