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I use a small compressor, battery powered too. Different brand, Ryobi, like this. Then a craftsman digital gauge. Not sure gauge is very accurate. Works for me

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I remember when everyone called it Yamaha Action, Honda Action etc. . They spend a ton of time sorting out the bikes, they do a very good job of it too. It is nothing more that info/guide if you choose to use it. I look forward to it, I look forward ... more »

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Have your dentist custom fit one, dual density. Yes they also help prevent concussion. The over counter that are available cost quite a bit for the “better” ones. If you are an adult, the custom made variety will fit for quite awhile.

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I’ll go in like I did to Saddleback, under a false bottom in a Van. We had Kegs over it. I’ll be there!

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Who are they?

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Never thought I would say I would leave. 65 and 2nd generation, thinking it may occur in the future.

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ARC makes great products.

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My nephews PD department are one of the pioneers in body cams, Rialto, CA, PD. It lowered so much of the payouts to complaints. The others were Hamilton, Ontario and ? I forgot the name of the PD.

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I still have my 05, I also put on rear shock linkage and knuckle, in addition of the 22* offset triple clamps. Made a huge difference

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I watch his podcasts, good interviews, he doesn’t interfere. Let’s the guest talk, doesn’t argue but says his thoughts. Yeah he is good.

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I could use that kids advice

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Larocco and Heath Voss used this product. It comes from the saliva of these hornets. Used in Japan for years. I was with a friend when he was in the pits showing all the riders about this product. Many NHL player swore by it, it is for recovery vs better ... more »

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I grew up near there, the smog was horrible then. I didn’t go because of that.

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I’m opening in Southern California next week. This has been a cluster f*** for my line of work. Been at my office since the first day seeing emergencies, OSHA seems to be in charge. They have created a new reason for more funding since the HIV issues ... more »

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You should use a bow to take it down. Flamethrower are for pussys

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Should be good

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Fit it to yourself first, suspension after you have ridden it for awhile to see what needs to change. Then it is personal preference. I asked this question many years ago on one of the first message boards(can't remember the name). I was raked over the ... more »

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I think he is dapping

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Looks very Good!

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