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New thread Merica. F*** yeah! 11/4/2020 2:03 AM

*satire satire satire* F*** em if they can’t take a joke.

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New thread Mad max 8/6/2020 5:23 AM

In these strange times...The original mad max was over dubbed with American accents. It lost a lot in the telling. If you can find the Australian version (difficult) it is worth a listen. “See you on the road skag. See you on the road like we saw the ... more »

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New thread Best fishing photo! 7/4/2020 11:21 PM

This is a Blue Tusk fish which live on the Great Barrier Reef. Best tasting reef fish there is and they don’t get much bigger than this.

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New thread Luckiest pro mx photo 7/4/2020 11:17 PM

Flew half way round the world for a once in my lifetime US SX. Snapped this at 2001 San Diego. The night RC began his SX domination over The King

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New thread Straya 5/26/2020 2:56 AM

Yeah righto. This is an INTERNATIONAL chat forum. Keep it clean. I’m a dingo livin in iso due to rona. I’m on the piss fuck the miss I’m gonna. I love the Sepo’s and the curry munchers they make the best lunches when I’m on site they are alright cause ... more »

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New thread Australia virus 3/29/2020 12:22 AM

Firstly, it is horrible what everyone is going through. From the USA to Spain, Italy... god help third world nations. Australia is basically in self isolation, and it is through extreme boredom that I started this topic. The government is talking about ... more »

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New thread Australia MX Topic Forum 3/14/2020 2:52 AM

Why not? Could be fun?

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New thread Safety. Grow our sport 2/21/2020 2:35 AM

Previous threads have established key points for bringing new riders to this sport. For beginners, 1. Better protective apparel 2. Cheap low performance mx bikes 3. Safe tracks Guyb, DC. Any big player in the industry. Grow our sport.

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New thread Mx bikes need to be tamed 2/20/2020 2:08 AM

I started the “safety “ thread through concern of injuries/deaths in the sport. Now tentatively I ask another question. Have mx bikes gone too far? The suspension/power is too much for beginners. When a new rider gets a bike and assumes they must jump ... more »

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New thread Safety 2/18/2020 3:27 AM

If enough children/teens are put in wheelchairs or die the coroner’s department will shut this sport down. A foot peg to the spine can kill. A foot peg to the abdomen can kill. Road racers wear leather not just for road rash, but also for impacts. Neck ... more »

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New thread Lemmy’s opinion on violence in motocross 2/10/2020 2:41 AM

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New thread Protective gear 6/15/2019 1:27 AM

Mx gear is good protection. Boots, knee braces, body armour. Can it be better? Leather is good for high impact. It wouldn’t have helped Doug Henry failing from a great height, but some spinal/intestinal injuries could be prevented. Mx requires lots of ... more »

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