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A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

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FB OM (open minds)

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There is always one isn’t there. Jett lives for this. And his emotions, journey to this point and love for the sport should humble us, not attract hatred. Who are you and what do you do? Does any sheila ever come cooee of you? Have you seen a map of ... more »

Reply to Was Jett’s move stupid or a racing incident? 1/25/2021 1:32 AM

I’m surprised anyone thinks it was dirty. Anyone old enough knows it was nothing compared to a few years ago. RC was dirty as hell back in the day. So was Everyone. Hell, JS took out the best of the best. If you disagree you are too young to remember. ... more »

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Sick. Have you though about an e-clutch? On a 125 you hold it wide open and govern power with the clutch. And if it bogs you fan the clutch. Given an e-bike is controlled entirely by the throttle, and the controller is mapped. Well even if you didn’t ... more »

New thread Merica. F*** yeah! 11/4/2020 2:03 AM

*satire satire satire* F*** em if they can’t take a joke.

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FB OM (open minds) if anyone is interested

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Ui. (Australian aboriginal word for yes). Classic first uni year predator/prey science. Oh well. Glad we closed the international borders. Too many buggers here. Mud crabs are big now after winter. Big barramundi too. My humpie is dry. Gotta cave gonna ... more »

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I’m working on a FB site. But I have a full time job 🤣 if you join FB astronomy and cosmology discussion forum and search for Friedmann you will find my post (Mick Braby). A lot of constructive feedback from a moderator which ends in ... well he says ... more »

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Your visualisation is correct but you’d have to travel faster than light. And string theory is wrong. Are you following my Facebook discussion? I appreciate the moderator response but uni professors are stubborn. I present a model that Satisfies Friedmann ... more »

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For a 3 torus space is flat and finite 😊

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Thanks for the kind words😊 I’m working on a webpage. Stay tuned. Friedmann talks of a 3 metric, the 3-sphere surface satisfies this. An observer within this 3D surface by definition has few ways of measuring 4D curvature (think of a 2D observer on the ... more »

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I’ll look into that. Well Einstein was right about almost everything. As far as a flat infinite universe; why not a flat finite universe like the surface of a 3-sphere? I posted A solution to the Friedmann equation using this scenario on a Facebook site ... more »

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Cosmological scientists offer many wild theories. The fact is that most of them must be wrong. String theory, multi universe theory, the cosmological constant problem. Vast amounts of money are spent on huge particle accelerators and space probes looking ... more »

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I’d love to see an “inverted Ribi. DeCoster loved it. Less weight, greater adjustability, more rigidity. Wasn’t it Honda who bought the idea and then shelved it? Inverted Ribi was used on mountain bikes forks. Horst Lietner

New thread Mad max 8/6/2020 5:23 AM

In these strange times...The original mad max was over dubbed with American accents. It lost a lot in the telling. If you can find the Australian version (difficult) it is worth a listen. “See you on the road skag. See you on the road like we saw the ... more »

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With all due respect, the US nationals is the least of the world’s worries at the moment. Stupid 2020. “In a time of crisis there is opportunity for good, or evil”.

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Hump headed Maori wrasse a mate caught. No take species. It swam away fine. Only reason they are no take is apparently they predate on pest species (toad fish etc)

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In summary...

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I just remember hanging in the pits with RC, JM, TP hiding in their semis. I waited till the last minute when all the fans were gone Into the stadium and RC came out of the truck. When I took the photo he gave me the DIRTIEST look and his mechanic grinned ... more »