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Mental stress may be a factor too... injuries scare the shit out of me now...

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Pro BMX and MTB is exciting to spectate. Pedal power. Watching the rider and the bike. Motocross is not asphalt slot car racing, completely different. Electric MX bikes will bring the sport back to the suburbs. Stadiums will sound different, crowd participation ... more »

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Bring back works bikes for pro competition. However, amateur (and consumer) motocross performance constraints must acknowledge suspension technology progress. Suspension technology is a core part of Motocross and should remain so. But slow the bikes ... more »

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That Neanderthal yob by now has been flogged somewhere for being a dickhead, has a rooted liver... Get security and throw it out

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Beautiful. Good on ya. But there will always be some of us with kids silly enough to ride dirt bikes. Riding dirt bikes is like sex. If it wasn’t so much fun no one would be silly enough to do it

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Sorry if this stings but this is a stupid thread... Should the USA not race MXON? Should the USA not compete in the olympics? Come on. This event is much bigger than one individual country. The MXON will be the biggest MX event of the year no matter ... more »

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Sweet! Hospitality. I offer the same for any good people.

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Come on cuz. Don’t scare him off. New Zealand has awesome ski fields, mountain biking and dirt bike adventure. Also incredible country and city experiences. Australia has same (less ski fields). Big country, bugger all (not many) people. I hope you yankees ... more »

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Wrestle a swamp dog (crocodiles). Actually no, don’t do that. And don’t swim at dusk or dawn (bull sharks will nail you). And don’t swim in ANY creeks if FNQ unless they are definitely croc free. And don’t swim in the ocean in FNQ in summer (deadly jelly ... more »

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Change your flights. Get to the Whitsundays or cairns. See the Great Barrier Reef and rainforests. When u come back (bet u do!), do a cape York ride with cape York motorcycle adventures. There is so much fun adventure stuff to do in far North Queensland.... ... more »

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Aliens must exist. It’s the only way to explain the creatures at the local pub. Seriously though, if ETs are visiting earth they must be so much more advanced than us we wouldn’t understand anything they are doing. But in the beginning they must have ... more »

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And it evolves from words to statements. Some I’ve heard more recently or a long time ago... Four balled Tom cat - fast, or very feisty. Does a duck with a hard on drag weed? - obviously? Cunning as a shithouse rat - very clever Eloquent, understated, ... more »

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There is truth in your comment. Some threads here have got out of hand. Which has been interesting. Please don’t judge Australians on the vocal minority. Same as any country. It is complicated. After all only 230 years ago a bunch of convicts were sent ... more »

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The mxdn does not begin or end on us borders. It will continue to be the most important mx race in the world.

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Since 1947 the motocross des nations has been the most important mx event in the world. Any discussion questioning attendance of countries erodes the fabric of the sports legitimacy.

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Good point. In fact as electric motor power output is software mapped, when the clutch is “fanned” the output power can be boosted. Just like popping the clutch. No mechanical clutch needed. And a clutch is necessary in whiskey throttle situations.

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Never understood how a frame could be “too stiff”. Then first time I rode a 97 I came around a corner and hit a small rock. It was like flicking a wet towel, I was the towel. Cracked my arai helmet, bent bars onto tank. Major concussion...

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Mx gear is good protection. Boots, knee braces, body armour. Can it be better? Leather is good for high impact. It wouldn’t have helped Doug Henry failing from a great height, but some spinal/intestinal injuries could be prevented. Mx requires lots of ... more »

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Nice! Survival of the fittest (toughest) is over. Humanity now faces a bottle neck. Greed is no longer good. We now need to move to survival of the smartest.