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Reply to Kawasaki launched all 2022 Models on Web 6/1/2021 12:32 PM

Like I just said in another thread, add 13cc to that 112 and I'd go buy one straight away.

Reply to You thought big bikes were expensive... 6/1/2021 12:24 PM

13cc more and I'd buy one in a flash.

Reply to Round 3 Aussie Nats Postponed 5/27/2021 6:57 PM

Shit you must be making a small fortune, fair call on the tax deal if you're making that sort of money. But for the average Joe making 50k a year, our system is far better. Plus if your sneaky and get a good accountant over here you can claim most of ... more »

Reply to AP7 Gypsy Tales Podcast 5/27/2021 4:11 PM

I just enjoy that he has no industry ties and can say whatever the fuck he wants.

Reply to Round 3 Aussie Nats Postponed 5/27/2021 3:57 PM

If you'd rather pay a little less tax and be bankrupted by an ambulance ride, go you!

Reply to Joeseph Savatgy Fan Thread 5/27/2021 3:40 PM

Dude, just no

Reply to Round 3 Aussie Nats Postponed 5/27/2021 4:01 AM

Maybe the government doesn't want us all to get sick because they pay our medical bills unlike you 3rd world gun tooting chumps

Reply to Any help streaming/how to watch 2021 pro motocross 5/26/2021 2:48 AM

It's ridiculous hey, some hero will upload the races on YouTube hopefully.

Reply to 450 MX predictions 5/22/2021 1:23 AM

I'm all in on musquin.

Reply to Motocross livestream in Australia for 2021 5/20/2021 12:03 AM

Why not put them on YouTube free to view and make an attempt to grow the sport and attract outside sponsors? At the moment it's hard to watch while being a fan, how the fuck does anyone expect any sort of growth?

Reply to Is Kawasaki the new Honda? 5/19/2021 6:47 PM

Villopoto left/retired and changed brands, Stewart left didn't he? Eli obviously left. Did RC leave or get pushed out? Reed left. From memory it seems the riders leave.

Reply to 250 outdoor power ranking 5/13/2021 5:50 AM

I'll say it, Hunter is going to own the nationals this year. Or I atleast hope so lol.

Reply to This SX season has ended the conversation 5/2/2021 2:15 PM

Doesn't the fastest rider get to the finish line first? I swear to god he rides at 90 percent for the first half of a race and hits the go button at the half way point when everyone is starting to fatigue.

Reply to "If you could change SX's bikes..." 4/30/2021 2:38 AM

450 is too much, but changing the classes won't change how everyone races and they'll all hit the same obstacles they're all really close in speed and skill these days unlike 10-15 years ago. The real issue is the tracks.

Reply to DC- Inquiring minds want to know... 4/28/2021 2:09 PM

How about a national 125 championship, anyone can enter. Might give e a Few of the sean Cantrells, Chris alldredge and others that got chewed up and spat our another chance to show what they can do. Don't ever care if it's in the broadcast or not, get

... more »
Reply to It's funny (2021 Champ) 4/27/2021 6:15 PM

How could you not like Webb, dude is a straight up fucking badass and there's no bullshit with him. A lot of you will come around on him when his career is finished.

Reply to Coop the only one who gives a F### about the title 4/26/2021 3:32 AM

Dude is so talented that he goes faster than the other two while looking slower.

Reply to Jett at Fox raceway 4/20/2021 6:04 PM

Good shots. Love the kids technique.

Reply to Marchbanks 4/20/2021 4:31 AM

The irony is off the fucking charts.

Reply to Marchbanks 4/20/2021 4:29 AM

Or just maybe.... you're a dickhead?